Musicians from various amateur associations will take action next Monday for the preservation of the Royal Military Band Johan Willem Friso. The musicians are afraid that with the possible closure of the barracks in Assen, the future location of the Military Band will also become uncertain.

    “The chapel fulfills an indispensable function in the cultural life of the Northern Netherlands,” says Cor Blankenstijn, secretary of the Muziekbond Groningen-Drenthe. “Various members of the chapel are connected as conductors to amateur associations in the region. In addition, members of the chapel give music lessons. It would be a shame if the chapel disappears from the region.”

    The chapel is also important for the Prince Claus Conservatoire in Groningen. Many students of the program do internships there.

    The musicians will play music from the musical Soldaat van Oranje next Monday evening in the Nieuwe Kolk in Assen.