Transfer Market | Barça and Aston Villa are already negotiating the transfer of Ferran Torres

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The two clubs are advancing in the sale of the attacker and there are options to reach an agreement

Barça cannot sell for less than 42 million so as not to compute losses

The Barça departure operation It will begin to be managed after achieving the League title. It is one of the requirements that must be met for the feasibility plan that the club has presented to the The league.

There will be sales in the summer and there are some that are starting to move forward. One of them is the possible departure of Ferrán Torres to Aston Villa. The two clubs have already started negotiations to formalize a transfer that could crystallize before June 30.

The arrival of Mateu Alemany at Aston Villa has expedited an operation that is viewed favorably by both clubs. Aston Villa’s interest, advanced at the time by ‘TalkSport’, is beginning to develop in the form of an offer and they are trying to reach a favorable agreement for both parties. And it is that the Blaugrana club cannot sell for less than 42 million euros so as not to record losses since Ferrán arrived at the club for 55 million and a part of the transfer has been amortized in the year and a half that the former Valencian player has played at Camp Nou.

Aston Villa’s interest in the player is total and they believe there are many options to agree to the purchase and convince the footballer to become one of their franchise players for next season. Both Mateu Alemany and the Aston Villa coach, Unai Emery, know Ferrán perfectly and are clear that he can be a differential footballer in the Premier. His stage at City was already highlighted and his acclimatization period to the Premier has already passed.

Barça has put Ferrán Torres on the market due to the need to sell. The striker has not had much continuity this season and Xavi has been using him as a boost for much of the season. Ferrán needs more prominence to return to the national team and he knows that at Barça he won’t have many opportunities in the future. Barça would be in the business of finalizing a sale of about 45 million euros and they are working on it.