“Anyone who has never been drunk is not a good man” is a centuries-old Viennese drinking song, the text of which Bill Kaulitz is likely to have signed. This emerges from his remarks in the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”. At the beginning of the brothers’ conversation, he says that Tom asked him if he was too drunk for the recording. Bill replies, “That was so reproachful. Don’t begrudge me that I don’t even relax?”

    “He wants to distance himself from it”

    Finally, he reveals that bandmate Georg Listing in particular is concerned about Bill’s alcohol consumption: “Georg doesn’t think it’s good at all. He just had a serious word with me. He said it’s getting ‘too much’ for him and he wants to distance himself from it,” said the 32-year-old. He continued, “I don’t think he thinks it’s good for my career and he thinks it’s overkill in his private life too.” By his own admission, Listing has meanwhile become something of a “manager” for him – and that’s probably why he hopes that Schluckspecht Kaulitz “now takes a different path”.

    The drinking brothers Kaulitz

    His brother Tom characterizes Mahner Georg Listing as a bourgeois man – he lives largely abstinent and only occasionally drinks a beer: “We love Georg more than anything, but he is the complete opposite of us. He’s an absolute philistine.” In their podcast, the two musicians repeatedly use alcohol as a subject. The drinking brothers Kaulitz indulge in a drink together in every episode – which apparently has had a lasting impact on their reputation. Bill defensively: “I’ll save that for the podcast. I’ll have a drop then. But other than that, I work my ass off.”