Tips for the upcoming festive season: these wines go well with 10 classic dishes

    Smoked salmon

    Nice and fat, and therefore often found in the company of an absorbent toast. Also looking for a nice fat wine. Thick chardonnays from Chile, the US or Australia, for example, do well. Or not too dry rosé (also colors nicely together). Chic is also allowed: smoky chablis.

  1. G7 Reserve Chardonnay

    Loncomilla Valley, Chile

    €7.50 at

  2. Aaldering pinotage rosé 2021

    Stellenbosch, South Africa

    €18.95 at

  3. chablis, Domaine de L’Enclos 2021

    Burgundy, France

    € 24.95 at

    Dutch shrimp cocktail

    Make with real Dutch and not those tasteless white whoppers. The shrimp is salty and umami, the cocktail sauce has something sweet. Don’t go too sour with the wine, but look for it spicy and/or round. A rich bubble is also hit.

  1. Chibet Reserve Chardonnay Viognier 2021

    Pays d’Oc, France

    €10.95 at

  2. pieropan, Soave Classico 2021


    €15.50 at

  3. Guy Mea, Signature NV

    Champagne, France

    €43.50 at

    Caesar salad

    With salads, the dressing often kicks ass, because vinegar and wine don’t mix well. But Caesar dressing is nice and creamy and in combination with the spicy parmesan and anchovy it could use a pronounced glass. Also think about the chicken. Once it has been grilled, you can turn it up a notch with a wine that has been aged in wood.

  1. di jacopo, Pinot Grigio ‘Nec-Otium’ 2021

    Friuli, Italy

    €11 at

  2. Newton Johnson, Albarino 2020

    Heaven and Earth Valley, South Africa

    €15.95 at

  3. Domaine Mosse, chenin 2020

    Loire, France

    €22 at


    The turkey itself doesn’t have much to crumble in the milk. The seasonings are in the filling and the sauce. Think about which flavor predominates. Spicy filling goes well with classic chardonnay or pinot noir. Cranberrysauce? Then you have to be sweeter. Go for thick-fruity reds such as Nero d’Avola or slightly sweet whites from the Loire.

  1. klumpp, Spatburgunder Gipskeuper 2018

    Baden, Germany

    €18 at

  2. Richard Kershaw, Clonal Selection Elgin Chardonnay 2019

    €41.30 at

  3. La Grange Tiphaine, Buisson Viau 2020

    €44 at

    Ham and pork tenderloin

    A Christmas ham is often glazed and therefore wants wine with an ienimini sweetness; red or white is both possible, as long as it is ripe and fruity. A spicy piece of pork can handle an even more powerful red with some tannins. Think of a solid rioja or not too serious rhône.

  1. Domaines Chermette, Cuvée Vieilles Vignes Origin 2021

    Beaujolais, France

    €13.50 at

  2. Bodegas Ortega Ezquerro, Rioja Crianza 2019



  3. Domaine Gayda, Figure Libre ‘Freestyle’ 2020

    Pays d’Oc, France

    €14.45 at

    Beet Wellington

    It does matter whether you roll meat or beetroot in puff pastry – for the cow, but also for the wine. Beet is earthy and retains moisture, you want a nice juicy red with possibly some spiciness.

  1. louis maurer, Pinot Noir 2020

    Alsace, France

    €20.49 at

  2. Reyneke Syrah 2019

    Stellenbosch, South Africa

    €20 at

  3. Ca’ Rugate, Rio Albo Valpolicella 2020

    Venice, Italy

    €12.50 at


    Celeriac is versatile and can be grilled, baked or mashed as a main or side dish. The basic taste is fresh – sauvignon blanc or Italian grillo go well with it. It can also become a bit soft when cooked for a long time, and especially in combination with butter or oil, chardonnay or even fruity red is a better option.

  1. Feudo Montoni, Grillo della Timpa 2020

    Sicily, Italy

    €17.40 at

  2. Jean Claude Boisset, Chardonnay Sous la Roche 2020

    Macon, France

    €14.99 at

  3. Il Canovino, Valpolicella Superiore 2018

    Venice, Italy

    €15.95 at

    cod fillet

    ‘Fish has to swim’, but in which area depends a lot on preparation and sauce. Fried and with butter sauce? Have a plump, rich wine. Grilled, with tomato/paprika sauce? A not too heavy red wine. And do you stew the fish in wine? Then use a not too expensive but good quality one that you can also drink with the dish. In that order:

  1. Chardonnay Les Tannes en Occitanie – Sud de France 2020


    € 7.75 at

  2. Arnaud Combier, Fleurie 2018

    Beaujolais, France

    €18 at

  3. Neleman, Macabeo Chardonnay 2021

    Valencia, Spain

    € 5.99 at

    Chocolate mousse

    Milk or pure is the first question of course, but let’s assume pure for a moment. All kinds of sweets can be added, from fortified wines such as marsala, port and PX, to sweet sparkling and sweet white such as muscat de beaumes de venise. I have a weakness for the ripe, fig-like, nutty of Southern European drinks.

  1. canteen, Pellegrino Marsala

    Iya, Italy

    € 9.49 at

  2. Pedro Ximenez, Tauromaquia

    Andalusia, Spain

    €16.99 at

  3. Graham’s Six Grapes, Reserve Port


    €16.95 at

    Gourmet Package

    Finding a match with a potpourri of appetizers is impossible, and immediately the best excuse to just open something fantastic. Here are three of my favorite wines from this year. A fantastic méthode traditionelle from a Dutchman in Greece, an incredibly tasty natural red carignan and a South African chenin to die for.

  1. Karanik Cuvée Special Extra Brut NV

    Amyndeo, Greece

    €23.50 at

  2. La Nouvelle Don(n)e, Vertigo 2018

    Roussillon, France

    €40 at

  3. fries fountain, Chenin Blanc 2021

    South Africa

    €34.95 at