Spotify and Apple Music may soon have to compete with ‘TikTok Music’ as the platform makes plans to enter the world of music streaming.

    In May, TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, filed a trademark application for “TikTok Music,” implying that the Chinese company could be preparing to compete with Spotify and Apple Music.

    If approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the trademark would apply to a mobile and tablet app where users can “buy, play, share, download music, songs, albums, lyrics” and create, recommend and share”. That is of course very similar to the possibilities on Spotify and Apple Music.

    Social element

    Last November, ByteDance filed a similar application in Australia, as reported by “Insider.” The latest update, on May 13, says the agency will assign a lawyer to investigate within six months.

    TikTok Music could have an edge over existing music streaming services by adding a social element to it. The application talks about the ability to “comment music, songs and albums”, a feature that does not yet exist on Apple Music or Spotify. TikTok is already regularly used to discover new music with trends going viral every week. Both Spotify and Apple Music’s top curated playlists feature songs that first went viral on TikTok.

    Facebook and Instagram

    TikTok has already scared the hell out of its social media rivals — like Meta’s Instagram. They therefore seem to imitate TikTok. In just a few days, Instagram took a turn for the worse in rolling out new TikTok-like features after a massive response from users.

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