three easy proposals for newbies

The fashion is one of the contents more grows in the community of TikTok: the hashtag #ModaEnTikTok has more than 1,900 million views, and the #Fashion, more than 40 billion views. In addition, big brands like Dior have joined the platform and have broadcast their fashion shows live. The public is interested in finding out about unique ‘looks’, ‘street style’, style advice, fashion history, designers, red carpets… and also knowing about increasingly recurring topics such as sustainability and awareness about everything that pollutes this industry, as well as the reuse garments to give them new life.

And he knows a lot about the latter. Marta Diaz de Mera (@martadiazdemera), the first Spanish ‘influencer’ to make her own clothes herself. She is a magician fashion ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY)who in just one year on this social network already has close to 300,000 followers, pay attention to his advice to dress up jackets, jeans, jackets and even dare to create your own dresses to go to an important appointment.

“My purpose has never been to launch an academy. My content is more visual, more inspirational. There are already wonderful people who teach you sewing,” observes the 27-year-old creator from Madrid. She left her Journalism degree halfway through and graduated in Design and Fashion at the IED. Just five days before the pandemic broke out, she had found a job in an agency managing gastronomic communication for various restaurants. And she has been juggling the eight-hour day with videos of her on TikTok, where she arrived a year ago.

“The idea of ​​making content came and went. I considered everything, art history, fashion… What was clear to me is that it had to be enriching and instructive content. I talked about it with my friends and in the end I opted for the theme of sewing, and for three months I was creating and recording how I made the garments. And he was just showing it to them,” she recalls.

Lily Collins dress

One of his first videos swept. “I saw a fringed dress of the Spanish brand Claro Couture worn by the ‘influencer’ Marta Sierra, and I started to replicate it. It had 20.5 million views and in a week I got more than 200,000 followers”, says the ‘tiktoker’, who has become famous on the networks for copy one of the most iconic outfits of Lily Collins in the third season of the series ‘Emily in Paris’ (Netflix): that three-piece set of skirt, ‘top’ and fitted jacket, all in print of houndstooth and the characteristic fringeswhich the actress not only wears on one of the promotional posters, but also in the fifth episode of the latest edition.

Small sustainable solutions

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Instead of criticizing the ‘fast fashion’ like Shein, Marta prefers to provide solutions: “The way to sustainability is not from 0 to 100, they are small actions and go very little by little. I think that if someone makes a very cool piece of clothing, they will keep it for the rest of their lives. It will be a long-lasting garment, with a story behind it and not ‘just another shirt,'” he says. “It’s one more option to take into account, in addition to second-hand clothing and flea markets. Our generation, unlike the previous one, which makes them cringe, we like ‘vintage’ clothes and we also know what’s coming our way,” says Díaz de Mera, aware of the brutal impact that this industry has on the planetsince each year 100,000 million new garments are manufactured, and they need more than 8,000 liters of water to produce the cotton needed to make jeans.

✂️🧵3 simple DIY proposals

Not all of Marta’s videos are replicas of famous ‘outfits’. She also explains many Techniques to get started in DIY in which it is not necessary to know about pattern making or have a sewing machine. Here are three easy examples.

‘Hotfix’: decorate with diamonds

It was the first technique that Marta used on TikTok. He ‘hotfix’ is the application of little stones or rhinestones on a garment by laying them out following a drawing and fixing them to the fabric with heat. They are sold in specialized haberdashery stores, but also on Amazon, in bags of different sizes. Glue is not required because each crystal comes with its heat-adhesive opposite side. Where they are best hooked is on denim fabrics or of a certain thickness. You have to apply the iron and go testing until the ornament is fixed. The motives? Phrases, icons… If the garment is used a lot, it is better to wash it by hand “with love”.


  • Bag of ‘hotfix’ crystals
  • Tweezers or pencil for precise placement on clothing
  • Clothes chalk to draw on the garment
  • iron and cloth

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‘Foil’, glam and metallic aesthetic

It is another simple technique that requires iron. It is not worth trying with aluminum foil, you have to use the type ‘foil’ (gold or silver), which can be purchased at large stationers or online vendors. It’s a metallic transfer paper which is widely used in ‘scrap’ as in crafts. First the drawing is made, then the glue is applied (a very small amount) and then the ‘foil’. After approximately 7 minutes, and after verifying that the glue is already hard, that is when the metallic sheet is placed. always shiny side up. The cloth is placed on top, and then it is ironed for a minute or two. In the end you have to remove the sheet from the pull, as if it were a band-aid. “The charm of this technique is that it does not have to be uniform,” Marta emphasizes.


  • Foil paper
  • Special glue for this type of paper
  • iron and cloth
  • fabric chalk

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Do ‘chokers’ or chokers It succeeds a lot even if it is not a customization technique. Just have to choose the ribbons that we like the most in a haberdashery. In those same establishments you can buy the rest of the material. You have to measure the neck and cut leaving a little margin [unos 3 centímetros] for the hooks, which have a chain and a carabiner (to join the ends of the necklace). These are placed using pliers.


  • ribbons
  • A pair of hooks per ‘choker’
  • chain with carabiner
  • Pliers

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