Although the domestic berry season is now at its hottest, it’s worth sinking your teeth into a few peaches as well.

    Let the peaches ripen at room temperature. Adobe Stock / AOP

    Or at least make peach desserts that melt in your mouth. The sour-sweet and juicy flesh of peaches is well suited for cooking.

    Peaches are picked raw and they continue to ripen after picking, unlike, for example, cherries or strawberries, which do not ripen anymore after picking.

    Store shelves mostly have raw cases, so they still need to mature at room temperature. If you get a hard and odorless peach, slip it into a paper bag to sit on its own overnight. This speeds up ripening.

    Want even faster action? Clear. Slip the peach into the bag with the banana. The next day, a good-to-eat peach is found in the bag.

    Ripe peaches are best stored in the refrigerator. When the peaches are ripe, transfer them to the refrigerator. After ripening, they keep well in a cool place for almost a week, at room temperature for only a few days.

    Peaches can be peeled with a sharp fruit knife.

    Another peeling method is to dip the peaches in boiling water for 30 seconds and then transfer them to cold water. The shell then comes off easily and cleanly.