Lamb chops are easier meats to grill. It’s almost impossible to fail.

    Lamb and feta go well together. Roni Lehti’s chef Risto Mikkola praises the lamb shank.

    – I really like lamb chops. Especially when you cut it into a small chop with one or two bites, says Mikkola.

    Why is Mikkola so fond of Karee’s taste?

    According to Mikkola, it has everything you would expect from good grilled meat: incredibly good fat and taste, and the meat is also tender.

    – Especially when you are grilling on a charcoal grill and the fat dripping from a piece of meat onto the coals goes up into the meat as smoke. It makes the meat delicious. The end result is tender and tastes good, Mikkola describes.

    Kare is easy to cut into so-called lollipops. There are 7–9 small chops in one kare. Kare is lamb loin with the back rib attached.

    Mikkola states that where the fillet ends, the fat begins. There is a membrane on top of the meat, but it does not interfere with eating and does not need to be removed.

    Before grilling, Mikkola has seasoned the meats in an herbal marinade overnight. The marinade has plenty of olive oil and herbs.

    When you grate the feta, you get an easily mixed and uniform size.

    – Grilling curry is really easy. It’s almost impossible to fail. It doesn’t matter if the leg of lamb remains raw or if it’s grilled overcooked. Put the chops on a hot grill and grill for just a couple of minutes. You can put salt and pepper on the meat either on the grill or after. It doesn’t matter if the salt is before or after the meat is pulled. You can also put it on while grilling, says Mikkola.

    Kare is very forgiving to the griller because it has fat and juiciness. Even when overcooked, it doesn’t become tough.

    Zucchini, which is a side dish, also gets its color on the grill. All you need to season it is olive oil, salt and black pepper.

    If you want to add a touch of luxury to your food, flavor can. This time, Mikkola seasoned the butter with feta and lemon, which gives the food good acidity.

    – Feta goes great with lamb.

    In addition to lamb, you should try feta butter with, for example, carrots and fish.

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    Grilled lamb chops

    2 lamb chops


    1 dl fresh mint, chopped

    0.5 dl fresh thyme, chopped

    0.5 dl olive oil

    a pinch of salt

    black pepper

    1. Mix the marinade ingredients together.

    2. Cut the lamb shank into chops. Rub the marinade over the lamb chops. Leave to season for 2 hours.

    3. Grill the chops to medium+ doneness. Season with salt and black pepper.


    2 zucchini

    0.5 dl olive oil

    1 teaspoon of salt

    black pepper

    1. Cut the courgettes lengthwise. Season them with salt and pepper. Brush the zucchini all over with olive oil.

    2. Grill the zucchini for 2 minutes per side, until the surface has a nice grilled surface.

    Lime feta butter

    100 g room temperature butter

    100 g grated feta cheese

    Juice and grated zest of 1 lime

    0.5 dl chopped fresh mint

    1 dl thinly sliced ​​spring onion

    0.5 tsp of salt

    black pepper

    1. Mix all the ingredients together into a smooth mass. Serve with lamb and zucchini.

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    The plump berry and round Shiraz finds its match in the grilled lamb curry.