This is how Tinder got this couple to meet in person after three years of talking on the app

06/07/2023 at 22:13


Of course it all started in a rather peculiar way

The protagonists of this story decided to share it on Twitter and Tinder wanted to intervene

The story of how Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas metvia Tinder, it was not typical. And it was in 2014 when the 22-year-old got a ‘match’ with the 21-year-old girl, so the boy decided to start the conversation. At first there was no response and the young man said goodbye to the idea that the two could meet, but two months after that first message Arendas responded by saying: “Hey, sorry, my phone died!”.

The conversation stayed there, until after another two months Avsec was the one who answered: “Hey, sorry, I was in the shower”he wrote to him, thus giving rise to the practice of responding every few months to be the trend that the two young people would follow for a long time. Some time later the young man shared his conversation with Michelle on Twitterand that was how the story reached the official account of Tinder in the Elon Musk app.

That’s when the dating app couldn’t contain themselves and told them They gave both of them a paid trip so they could meet in person: “It’s time for you to meet in real life. You have 24 hours to decide in which city you want to have your first date and we will take you there!”, announced the account in a tweet in which both protagonists of this story were mentioned.

After thinking about it for a long time, the couple chose that Hawaii would be your ideal destination, so the Tinder account confirmed that they would be taken to the city of Maui. From what we know about it, this story ended with a happy endingand Arendas already said before traveling that: “It’s been a crazy adventure so far.”.