This is how this Knacki hashish was delivered

From the BZ editorial team

The JVA officials in Tegel were amazed when they examined Knacki Marcel B.’s (24, 3 years, 9 months as an Edeka robber) white Kappa sneakers (size 46) more closely.

Because they discovered 184.5 grams of cannabis resin on the sneakers!

“Yes, I admit it,” admitted the man from Marzahn, who had broken off his cooking apprenticeship, to the smuggling on Monday before the district court. “Was only for own consumption. I’ve been addicted for years. At 17 cocaine, later tilidine, opiates…”

On December 28, 2021 he had a visit from his brother. Prison Secretary Marcel K. (35): “Afterwards, during the check before being returned to the cell, I noticed a sweet smell from his shoes. Which wasn’t there before.” When the lavishly padded soles were pulled off, a brownish substance came to light.

How was that possible? The solution to the riddle was provided by the video recordings from the consulting room: the brother was wearing different sneakers when he came in than when he left. A secret shoe exchange under the table!

With consequences for both: An indictment against the brother, who has since disappeared. Even if Knacki Marcel asserts: “He didn’t know anything about the drugs. Should just bring new shoes.”

And for himself: Immediately afterwards, tightened prison conditions in the special ward. “Institutional clothing, no television, no contact with others…” he lists. The judge gave a second look: 17 months in prison.

“I really need to get off drugs. I want to do therapy, ”explains the accused. “I have already read 60 books in detention and improved my French. I finally want to start a different life.”