Smuuti Skin, based on Korean skin care, launched four skin care products, which sold out immediately. The CEO of the novelty brand that has become a viral phenomenon praises the power of TikTok.

    The new domestic cosmetics brand Smuuti Skin launched a four-product skincare line last week. It is a Finnish k-beauty series based on the principles of Korean skin care, which includes a cleansing balm, serum, moisturizer and face spray.

    The products were hyped in advance on social media and especially on TikTok. Part of the video was produced by the brand itself or bought as influencer associations, part of the content was produced by TikTok users independently.

    The launch was a success: all four products sold out in no time – some just hours after the launch.

    The products were sold by the brand’s own online store as well as S group and Prisma. Smuuti Skin’s own online store crashed on the day of the launch due to sales popularity.

    Smuuti Skin’s products are designed for the skin of people in their twenties. Polina Niemi

    – In practice, the entire first shipment of Smuuti Skin’s products had been sold by Thursday, and they also sold out several times in our online store, says Jenni Ahokasfounder and CEO of the Smuuti Skin series.

    According to him, it was a product batch of a few tens of thousands of pieces.

    The S group and Prisma were also surprised by the demand and sales success of the products.

    – The Smoothie Skin launch became such a hit on social media that I have not seen in my entire retail career. We had been able to prepare for higher than normal demand, but it is extraordinary that young people share information on TikTok with each other, where some packages of products are still available for purchase in Prisma, says Kirsi SalmelaS- Group’s women’s face care product group manager.

    – Prismos’ staff have received so many inquiries about the products that we informed them separately how to act. We had to limit the order quantities in order to be able to respond as evenly as possible to the huge demand. Despite the measures, the shelves have sometimes been empty, Salmela continues.

    What is the reason for the popularity?

    Smuuti Skin’s popularity is due to its market niche, easy availability, right target group, affordable price and skillful use of social media. Especially the young consumers of the Z generation have been enthusiastic about Korean cosmetics in recent years, and with the exception of fabric masks, Korean beauty products have hardly been available in supermarkets. According to Ahokka, Smuuti Skin aimed for exactly this market niche.

    – From the beginning, I wanted the brand to be affordable and approachable. Because although there are many cheaper make-up sets on the market, there are very few affordable but high-quality skin care cosmetics available, Ahokas explains about the birth of the brand.

    The products use plant and fruit extracts, especially watermelon. The visual look of the series also resembles a watermelon, as the jars are pastel pink and green. All products cost around 15 euros. The products are made in South Korea. Except for the moisturizer, all products are fragrance-free.

    Currently, the availability of Korean cosmetics, or k-beauty, in Finland is largely focused on online stores and individual brick-and-mortar stores.

    – I felt that there was currently a big market niche for Korean cosmetics in supermarkets. One of the biggest factors in Smuuti’s hype is precisely its nationwide availability from Prismos and the experience of young people that now k-beauty cosmetics from a domestic brand are easily available to them, says Ahokas.

    According to him, generation z consumers want high-quality skin care products, but are not ready to pay large sums for them. According to Ahokka, this group of consumers wants moisturizing and brightening skin care products, and avoids anti-aging ingredients and powerful exfoliating acids widely used in cosmetics.

    The sales popularity surprised

    The popularity of Smoothie Skin also surprised the CEO of the brand.

    – I was really surprised by the hype, interest and sales success directed at Smuuti Skin. I am speechless, reveals Ahokas.

    The brand and the upcoming launch were glimpsed in advance, especially on the social media channel popular with young people, TikTok, from where the hype has largely started to spread. In addition, followers have been actively involved in the development of the brand in advance.

    Among other things, this is how Smuuti Skin’s products were treated on social media. The products were mostly praised almost uncritically. If the video doesn’t appear, you can watch it from here.

    – For example, TikTok has voted on packaging and the color of the packaging. Through that, there have also been regular inquiries about the series and products. TikTok really showed us what the power of social media can mean, says Ahokas.

    Next to the Nordic countries

    Next, the cosmetics brand plans to expand to Sweden and other Nordic countries.

    – Before that, however, the focus is on filling the warehouses as quickly as possible and products for those who were now left without, says Ahokas.

    New product lots are expected to go on sale soon, as long as they are in stock from the manufacturer. These will also be sold exclusively in Smuuti Skin’s own online store and points of sale, as well as in Prisms throughout the country.

    Smuuti Skin belongs to the Bearel Oy cosmetics group. The company currently employs a total of seven people and its turnover in 2022 was around 2.5 million euros.