‘This is a really stupid move’

It bothers Gordon immensely: people who criticize his flash engagement. The notorious opinion maker Victor Vlam does not care about that and goes quite wild: “This is a moronic action.”


Gordon has been very positive about life lately. He was briefly in the Netherlands last week for some TV recordings and meanwhile dived into show sections, it turned out that his current love happiness is doing him very well. Many people do question the pace at which he shapes his relationship with the Australian Gavin.

All chips on Gavin

Just a few months after the two met in a Melbourne casino, Gordon puts all his chips on this lad. The wedding date has already been set and that has earned him countless Insta hearts from celebrities such as Bridget Maasland, Britt Dekker, Wendy van Dijk, Anna Nooshin and Jan Versteegh.

It’s nice to sprinkle hearts on Insta, but behind the scenes his celebrity colleagues are undoubtedly gossiping about how fast things are going. Something Gerard Joling just does on cam says, much to Gordon’s chagrin. At Shownieuws: “That is very unfortunate, because you think: why? You can find it, but do you have to say it if necessary?”

Show connoisseur Bart Ettekoven then grins: “I have to laugh about that. He himself says everything he thinks!”

‘Devil action’

Hopefully Gordon hasn’t been listening to the latest episode of the dreaded podcast The Communicados, because opinion maker Victor Vlam goes quite wild on the wedding plans. “I have a strong opinion about it. If you’ve been together for 2.5 months, you don’t know each other well enough to know for sure that it should lead to marriage.”

He continues: “I just think it’s going too fast. I think it’s a bit of a moron move to be honest. He does it often, of course, that he goes very fast, but the reason that I have a strong opinion about it: I actually think that people benefit from a more Calvinistic attitude, so a little more subdued behavior.”

Bad example

Victor thinks Gordon is setting a bad example for the people. “Gordon is very much into the extremes: very high peaks, very deep valleys too. We also know him from that. He can also be very angry and sad, but there can also be those manic moments.”

He continues: “I think it is good to temper both those peaks and those troughs in yourself and therefore be a bit more restrained in expressing your emotions. I tend to express that view because I think: I have to make people understand that that is a much better attitude to life than what Gordon is doing.”

‘Very manic’

Although Victor does not know whether that is necessary at all. “Because no one is going to get married after a relationship of 2.5 months, I notice. And Gordon, of course, has been in situations like this many times. He is very often very manic, so to speak, and we also know how this is going to end, because that marriage will probably not take place at all in a few months.”

Why? “Because then that relationship is over again and they have another fierce fight and all that sort of thing. That’s just how these things always go.


It will all worry Gordon. He will receive a visit from his fiancee again this weekend and is looking forward to it incredibly. They also have a lot to plan with that upcoming wedding.

Who’s coming to the wedding party? Gordon keeps that a secret for the camera of De Telegraaf. “But I will definitely come on the wedding night. Once or three. There’s pills for that, eh?”


Gordon is overjoyed about his departure from SBS 6: