Certain colors reduce the resale value enormously

    The resale value of colorful cars is up to around 27 percent lower than the average – this is what TNS Infratest and the used car platform mobile.de found out in a joint study t-online reported. The color of the vehicle seems to play a major role when buying a car.

    Andreas Geilenbrügge, Head of Vehicle Evaluation Schwacke, confirms this to mobile.de: “There are actually equipment elements, usually special customization and above all special colors and upholstery, which significantly impede resale.”

    Purple cars have the lowest resale value in the study

    According to t-online, the sales prices of all vehicles on mobile.de were compared for the study. The average price was 21,908 euros.

    Yellow cars were the most expensive. These cost an average of 24,813 euros and were thus 13.3 percent above the average for all cars. This could be explained by the fact that particularly stylish cars are often bought in yellow. The following average prices and the associated deviation from the general average price were determined for the other colors.

    Purple: 15,948 euros (-27.2 percent)
    Silver: 16,425 euros (-25.0 percent)
    Gold: 16,847 euros (-23.1 percent)
    Red: 19,387 euros (-11.5 percent)
    Blue: 19,754 euros (-9.8 percent)
    Green: 21,628 euros (-1.3 percent)

    More expensive than average were:

    Orange: 23,092 euros (+5.4 percent)
    White: 23,209 euros (+5.9 percent)
    Black: 23,991 euros (+9.5 percent)
    Gray: 24,036 euros (+9.7 percent)

    Cars of a different color averaged EUR 17,037, which was 22.2 percent below the general average price.

    Gray and black cars were clicked the most on the portal

    It is therefore becoming apparent that neutral colors are very trendy. Of course, it shouldn’t be neglected that company cars are often black or gray and are usually sold again faster than grandma’s old rattletrap, with which the grandson is now making the streets unsafe – and are therefore often still comparatively valuable at the time of resale. In addition, other factors could influence the value of the vehicles that are not listed in the study or on t-online. In fact, according to t-online, mobile.de and TNS Infratest also found that the advertised gray and black vehicles were clicked on most often and were therefore the best choice for resale. The exact numbers should still be taken with caution, but they do provide an indication of which colors tend to perform best.

    Not only when buying a new car should you pay attention to choosing the right color. Anyone who buys a used car can also take advantage of the knowledge of the influence of the color on the vehicle value and specifically look for unusual colors in order to find lower prices.

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    Image sources: Alexander Chaikin / Shutterstock.com, Andrey Chmelyov / Shutterstock.com