It seems that Peter Gillis is in for a tough trial. There is an incriminating 112 tape on the shelf. “It may be possible to hear part of the incident on it.”

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    After yet another incident, most people will agree that Peter Gillis is not pure coffee. The Public Prosecution Service accuses him of assaulting his girlfriend Nicol Kremers. He would have bitten her in her nose and her back, among other things. Meanwhile, Talpa just keeps him happy on the tube.

    112 tape

    Janine Kramer, public prosecutor for the press, states that there is a lot of evidence, including an incriminating 112 tape. “A call was made to 112 and a number of fragments can be heard that we consider incriminating and we have seen injuries. That means that we currently assume that it did happen,” she says in RTL Boulevard.

    The Public Prosecution Service has not filed a report from Nicol. “She did not file a report, but the police did speak to her that night. Then she also made incriminating statements about him, but she later indicated that she did not want to be prosecuted. Yet we think it is important to do, because violence does not belong in a house.”

    ‘Very important’

    Criminal lawyer Job Knoester, known from VI, tells in Shownieuws that the 112 tape can be very disadvantageous for Peter. “It is my understanding that a 911 call has been made that may contain part of the incident,” he said.

    He continues: “Which can also be important if part of the incident cannot be heard in the 112 report, but that, for example, the person who claims to be a victim calls out what happened. If that happened immediately after the alleged incident, it may contribute to the reliability of the statement.”

    ‘He has to explain something’

    It’s not going to be easy for Peter, according to Job. “In addition to a sound fragment of the 112 report, there are also photos of alleged injuries. That can of course be very important, because if you only have that incriminating statement from that partner from Peter Gillis and he disputes that, then it is not proof.”

    “But if there is a photo, then there is something to explain,” he continues. “Then you have a statement and a photo with injury. Or a sound clip. (…) The details we’ve heard are pretty nasty, especially of the biting.”

    Vision OM

    What does Peter say about the accusations of the Public Prosecution Service? His lawyer: “We see this as the vision of the Public Prosecution Service. We will continue to wait until Nicol has given her statement to the examining magistrate. They are now enjoying their holiday.”

    “Nicol has indicated to the court the dates on which she is available. So we hope to get a date soon.”