01/09/2023 at 16:57


    This Zara coat is being the star of the season

    The fur coat triumphs in the ‘looks’ of celebrities

    Now that the sales season has started, many find themselves bargain hunting. Clara Magazine wanted to highlight this winter garment that is causing such a sensation in the ‘influencer’ world.

    Not only this garment enjoys great versatilityas demonstrated by the numerous ‘outfits’ that we have seen these days with him as the protagonist, but its details and shape make it an option to take into account for this 2023 season.

    The Colour of the garment has fascinated by its range of browns and soft tones, typical of winter. Also, the most important thing in a coat it is that it is very hot, certainly ideal for this weather. Finally, we have looked at the details of the garment and the truth is that they do not disappoint, the leather effect makes the pockets and sleeves, finished off with belt loops, look perfect.

    Finally, as we have commented previously, one of the great advantages of the garment is its great versatility, although Clara Magazine presents us with the garment accompanied by cargo pants. In addition, a good sweater would finish completing the ‘look’.