By Stefan Peter and Michael Sauerbier

    Was that really such a good idea? The capital actually gets a 29-euro ticket – causing huge confusion for many commuters.

    The low-cost ticket has been pending for days, but now an agreement with the Berlin-Brandenburg transport association (VBB) has been reached.

    On Thursday, shortly after 1.30 p.m., the governing Franziska Giffey (44, SPD) and traffic senator Bettina Jarasch (53, Greens) appeared in front of the journalists: hastily convened press conference in front of the Red City Hall!

    Jennifer Quiel (37), hairdresser: “I would have gotten the ticket for 9 euros.  But that's too expensive for me.  I prefer to drive because I can listen to my music.  It's dirty on the train and it takes a lot longer.

    Jennifer Quiel (37), hairdresser: “I would have gotten the ticket for 9 euros. But that’s too expensive for me. I prefer to drive because I can listen to my music. It’s dirty on the train and it takes a lot longer.” Photo: Christian Lohse

    Both politicians beamed in competition. “Today is a good day for mobility in Berlin, for modern local public transport and real relief in the crisis,” said Giffey. She believes: “We will create a bridging solution until the nationwide ticket comest.”

    Jarasch was also jubilant: “It was not an easy birth. We can be all the happier today.”

    Ruby Bronnert (19), FSJlerin:

    Ruby Bronnert (19), FSJlerin: “I’m lucky and my ticket is taken over by my FSJ office. But if they didn’t do it, I think I’d get the ticket.” Photo: Christian Lohse

    But there are a number of pitfalls for users!

    The 29-euro ticket (planned from October 1st) is only valid for tariff zones AB within the city! Unlike the 9-euro ticket, however, a subscription must be taken out. A special right of termination applies when the offer expires after three months. Those who do not cancel then continue to pay the normal tariff.

    FDP traffic expert Felix Reifschneider (44) to BZ: “A subscription trap is being constructed! Who knows if the termination will be sufficiently communicated?”

    Sigrid Köhn (71), pensioner from Lichtenberg:

    Sigrid Köhn (71), pensioner from Lichtenberg: “I didn’t use the 9-euro ticket because I do a lot by bike. But I will get the 29 euro ticket to visit my children in the city.” Photo: Christian Lohse

    Simple monthly passes in apps, customer centers or vending machines will NOT be reduced!

    ► The VBB does not even want to credit the savings with the AB subscription (63.42 euros with monthly payment) proportionately with the ABC subscription (84 euros). If you buy the ABC ticket every month at the counter or machine, you pay 107 euros. A difference of 78 euros to the new low-cost ticket!

    Traffic expert Reifschneider: “The 29-euro ticket is an incentive for commuters from Brandenburg to drive into tariff zone AB by car.” “

    That the 29-euro ticket came about at all – a real thriller! It almost burst at the last minute – the district administrator of Märkisch-Oderland, Gernot Schmidt (60, SPD), had lodged an objection. Without him no approval of the VBB.

    Marco Christel (34), cook from Lichtenberg:

    Marco Christel (34), cook from Lichtenberg: “I have a normal monthly ticket. But I’ll definitely get the 29-euro ticket, I think that’s good. I already had the 9-euro ticket beforehand.” Photo: Christian Lohse

    Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (60th SPD) and Giffey bombarded the district administrator with SMS after Schmidt disappeared on Wednesday. Apparently network problems. On Thursday morning he suddenly gave his okay.

    He to the BZ: “I found out at 8 a.m. that Berlin and Brandenburg’s transport senators and ministers had agreed that Berlin would pay 105 million euros in costs alone. I then withdrew my veto.”

    According to the governing Giffey, the possible loss of revenue for the Brandenburgers due to the Berlin campaign has been cushioned in the financing.

    Hustle and bustle on Thursday at the BVG, which was unable to give any concrete information on its homepage until the evening. It was surprisingly honest: “The beginning of October has not yet been secured.”