The Tallinn course caused problems for the skiers – “That mössö slope was pretty much kryptonite”

The sprint races of Verneri Poikonen and Niilo Moilanen ended in the heats.

Niilo Moilanen did quite well in Tallinn. Jenni Gästgivar

The cross-country skiing world cup continued on Tuesday in Tallinn, when Norway’s Johannes Kläbo skied to an overwhelming victory in the sprint race.

The track built on the Laululava terrain caused problems for many skiers during the evening, as the route made in artificial snow softened. Many crashes were seen during the evening.

Verneri Poikonen cleared his way to the heats, but finished last in his heats.

– The legs were out of the game. That mössölatu was pretty much kryptonite for us. I can’t necessarily get the firings and others to go in the right direction. It’s a more difficult situation for me. I couldn’t even stand acid, Poikonen lamented.

– It was a difficult day. If Falun’s time trial felt bad, this was twice as bad.

A good day

The other was 21-year-old Niilo Moilasen, who was the best Finnish male skier. In the end, he was 15th in the final standings.

Moilanen narrowly missed out on the semi-finals when he lost to Sweden in the final round To Marcus Grate.

– I chose the wrong track for the final straight. The inside lane was pretty cool, such a small tactical error on my part. There was nothing else to worry about.

Moilanen was already the best Finn in the qualifying, even though he himself felt that the skiing didn’t really want to go.

Still, the going got better.

– By far the best free sprint I’ve ever skied, he said after his race.

– It was starting to feel like the season was starting to weigh down and there would be competition fatigue.

Poikonen skied his own event in very tough company, when in the same event Kläbo and Franskan Lucas Chavanat.

– It was almost the same as it would have been in the semi-final. It was great to compete, I got to really fight against the top speed in the world, Poikonen said.

The atmosphere and the course still received praise from the skiers.

– A real party atmosphere, it was great to ski, Moilanen was happy.