The film Cast Away, which premiered in 2000, once brought the attention of a Finnish product to the forefront.

    Tom Hanks survives alone in Cast Away on a desert island, followed only by volleyball and imagination. AOP

    Actor Tom Hanksin starred in an American drama that rose to prominence in its release year. The film follows Hanks, the role-playing character in a plane crash on a deserted Pacific island, Chuck Nolan, whose only friend on the island is volleyball.

    The film once earned Hanks both the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and an Oscar nomination. Cast Away also reaped attention with the film’s music composer receiving a Grammy Award, and the film was also nominated for Best Sound Editing at the Oscars.

    Attention to a Finnish product

    The Cast Away film, starring Tom Hanks, has a cult reputation. Francois_Duhamel, AOP

    In addition to the fact that Cast Away further increased Hanks’ popularity, the surprising detail related to the Finnish product received wild attention all over the world. Wilson’s volleyball, who became Hanks ’best friend in the middle of loneliness, got a lot of attention in the film as Chuck used to talk to the ball like a friend.

    The ball was by no means just any ball, but a Vils volleyball brand with connections to Finland, as the manufacturer of the ball, Wilson Sporting Goods, belongs to the Finnish Amer Sports Group.

    Cast Away screenwriter William Broyles Jr. has since said he came up with the idea for the role of Wilson volleyball in the film after spending time on an island in California. Coincidentally, he found a ball on the island that ended up being part of his job in Cast Away.

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