QWhat is the secret to being happy? Understanding what we want to do in this world. Often the goal is wrong, as children we are influenced by parental expectations that do not always match our predisposition to certain professions compared to others.

    Astrology can help us understand the most suitable profession (photo Gettty Images).

    In astrology for example theAries he tends to take the lead, he has the attitude of a great company boss. The Bull he is a saver suited to managing other people’s assets, but he also excels as an engineer. THE Twinsit is known, they are communicators par excellence, journalists, correspondents, the best television presenters.

    The Cancer he is the writer par excellence, a sign of emotional narratives. The Lion “President” was born, the sign teems with examples starting with Clinton and Obama up to our president Mattarella. But he knows how to be a bright front man in the music field like Mick Jagger, Madonna, Freddie Mercury.

    There Virgin stands out in teaching and in all manual work, he can become a surgeon like him Scorpio. There Weight scale he has a sense of justice in his DNA, he is suited to a career as a lawyer or magistrate.

    The Sagittarius he has great prospects as a university professor, but he also imposes himself in sport. The Capricorn is the sign of architects, but equally skilled in the financial sector. Aquarius and Pisces? They are the creatives of the Zodiac: they have scattered talent in writing, painting, music.

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