The Prosecutor’s Office asks that Cecilio Lera remain in prison for abusing a girl


09/08/2023 at 09:41


The Public Ministry opposes suspending the entry of the former mayor into prison, also convicted of inducing a teenager into prostitution

“He is not the primary offender”, He has already been in prison for other reasons; nor does he have “a serious illness with incurable conditions”. These are the reasons that the Zamora Prosecutor’s Office uses to request the Provincial Court that the former mayor of Castroverde de Campos, Cecilio Lera Blanco serve a 4-year prison sentence that was imposed on him in April 2023 for a crime of sexual abuse to a minor and another for inducing another minor into prostitution and sister of the first victim.

He Public ministry considers that Cecilio Lera cannot benefit from the suspension of sentence as your lawyer requests because “has committed crimes of gender violence and driving under the influence of alcohol”, indicate consulted sources. Currently, the convicted person is in preventive detention as investigated for another crime failure to comply with a restraining order from his ex-wife.

The arguments presented to urge the Court to force the person who was a prominent socialist politician to serve the sentence clarify that, although the sentence imposed on him for each of these crimes is not more than two years, which would allow the suspension his entry into Topas, are that “If he is not a convicted repeat offender, it is because these crimes are contemporaneous”. The crimes he committed against the sexual freedom of the 14 and 16 year old sisters are located between July and October 2021, according to the facts proven in the sentence for which suspension of the sentence is requested. The crime of corruption of minors to a 15-year-old teenager he committed it a month laterhe November 24, 2021which implies that they are contemporaries.

Payments in exchange for sex

The Court imposed on the former hotelier two years in prison for corruption of minors in December 2022 and the magistrates agreed to suspend his admission to prison because lacked a valid criminal record. On that occasion, the former socialist He offered the minor 300 euros to have sex with him, proposition he made at the door of a bar in Castroverde after leaving the premises in search of the teenager and daughter of friendsto which he said “I’m going to eat everything well for you, do you want 300 euros?”according to the recording that was provided as evidence. He paid the two sisters between 50 and 100 euros for each meeting at his home. where he cited them at dawn so that the neighbors could not see them enter the Castroverde house where he resides.

Among the reasons that the Prosecutor’s Office proposes for not applying the suspension of the sentence again is that this measure could not be taken based on the criteria of the Supreme Court., which contemplates it when the sentence for each crime does not exceed two years, as is the case, because “he is not a primary offender” he would not be entitled to that measure.

The fact that it is alcoholic Nor does it convince the judicial body with which the former councilor of Castroverde de Campos reached an agreement to avoid sentences that could have reached 6 years and 4 years in prison for the severity of the events. Cecilio Lera admitted before the magistrates that he had abused his underage sister; that she had exhibited naked before both; that They gave him massages and he watched pornography with them.