The reality TV star arrived in his home country last week.

    Tattoo artist and pin-up model Sini Ariell, who lives in Australia with her family, arrived to visit Finland last week. Sini is accompanied on the holiday trip by his daughter Penny5, and Indy1. Husband Stuart instead stayed in the family’s hometown of Singleton, on the east coast of Australia.

    Over the weekend, Sini published a horrifying update on food prices in Finland on her Instagram account. In her update, Sini had added pictures of the products on the store’s shelves, such as milk cans, ketchup, cucumbers, tomatoes and chocolate. The pictures showed the price of the products, and on top of the samples Sini had written the price of the same products in Australia.

    – I went to the k-store. Wow, what prices for food. I can’t get anything for five tens! I put in the pictures what those products cost roughly in our village store in Australia, Sini wrote in her update and added the hashtags #järkytyin and #mitätäääällapahtuu.

    The price differences in food between Finland and Australia are undeniably amazing, because, for example, according to Sin, a box of eggs is as much as 2.60 euros more expensive in Finland than in Australia. Approximately the same price difference also applies to, for example, tomatoes and ketchup.

    A package of chicken strips, on the other hand, costs 5.35 euros based on Sini’s update, but in Australia you could get one for only 1.60 euros.

    Sini Ariell has lived in Australia for seven years. Inka Soveri

    – I think it is shameless for Finns to pay such food prices, when income is what it is and taxation is what it is, Sini wonders.

    Sini Ariell has lived in Australia since 2015. She moved to the other side of the globe for love and hasn’t been back since she’s already added to her family twice with her beloved Stuart. The couple got married in November 2015.

    Sini is involved in the second production season of the Gossip Moms Suomi program. The series is shown on the Discovery+ service.