Veteran journalist Hıncal Uluç, who has been a commentator and columnist in the media sector for many years, passed away at the age of 83.

    Hıncal Uluç, the doyen of A Spor and Sabah Newspaper, passed away. The 83-year-old veteran journalist had been struggling with health problems for a while.

    As the family, we wish God’s mercy on the veteran journalist Hıncal Uluç, and our condolences to his family and fans.


    After the death of Hıncal Uluç, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a condolence message. In President Erdogan’s message, ” I wish God’s mercy on Hıncal Uluç, a journalist, writer and commentator, one of the important names of our press world, whose death I learned with sadness, and my condolences to his relatives, fans, readers and our media community.‘ expressions were used.


    The veteran journalist, who started his journalism career at the age of 17, has been writing columns for Sabah Newspaper since 1990. Uluç was also a sports commentator at A Spor.


    Huncal Uluç, one of the doyens of the Turkish media, was born on November 1, 1939 in Kilis.

    Uluç is of Ubykh descent from his father’s side and from Kilis on his mother’s side. In addition, her grandmother is a Rumelian (Albanian, Bosnian) immigrant.

    Uluç’s father, Fuat Uluç, who was an officer, Due to his duty at the Bulgarian border during World War II, the famous journalist was raised by his grandmother and aunt until he was three years old. When Hıncal Uluç’s father was appointed to Çaldıran, his family reunited.

    He started secondary school in Antakya in 1952 and completed the rest of his education at Ankara Kurtuluş High School. Uluç, who stayed in Ankara until 1980, was enrolled in the Faculty of Letters at Istanbul University, and returned to Ankara at the end of a semester. After returning to Ankara, he won the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University the next year.

    Uluç, who started to work in Yankı newspaper, published by the former Yenigün team in 1967, when he returned from the military, came to Istanbul in 1980 to publish a magazine with the owner of Gelişim Publications, Ercan Arıklı, and started to write articles in Sabah newspaper in 1990 with the invitation of Zafer Mutlu.

    Uluç, who has been a columnist and sports commentator for a long time, recently writes columns for Sabah newspaper; He was also a sports commentator on the “Head to Head with Hıncal Uluç” program broadcast in A Spor.