Status: 11/20/2022 11:53 p.m

    The DFB and other countries are in a power struggle with FIFA over the “One Love” captain’s armbands at the World Cup in Qatar. Yellow cards are unlikely as a consequence – but other trouble is imminent.

    Seven teams want to play with their own captain’s armband at the World Cup in Qatar. The bandage shows a colorful heart and the slogan “One Love”. The action comes from the association of the Netherlands and is intended to be a sign against homophobia, anti-Semitism and racism and also for human rights and women’s rights. FIFA wants to prevent the bandages, the associations resist.

    Neuendorf: “We stick to the fact that we run out with the bandage”

    DFB President Neuendorf said he met FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura along with the other associations involved on Sunday. “It was a controversial debate”said Neuendorf in the program “Sportschau Thema”. “We found it very strange that we had announced this armband to FIFA months ago and FIFA had not responded to it.”

    The world association spoke neither of a permit nor of a ban. Now FIFA have made it clear that the bandage violates the regulations, according to Neuendorf. Neuendorf also said on ZDF: “We’re sticking to the fact that we’re playing with the armband. We haven’t come to a common denominator here.”

    On Monday (November 21, 2022) there are three teams that want to wear the armband: England (2 p.m. against Iran), the Netherlands (5 p.m. against Senegal) and Wales (8 p.m. against USA). England also confirmed that FIFA would not allow her to wear the armband. Fines would be accepted, said several associations. But does it stay that way or are there more severe consequences?

    Rules of the game: Hardly any basis for a yellow card

    FIFA did not respond to a request from Sportschau about what would happen in the event of an infringement. According to information from the sports show, there was an issue in the DFB camp as to whether yellow cards could threaten – after a second warning, captain Manuel Neuer would be blocked. However, there is practically nothing in the rules of the game for a yellow card.

    In rule 4 are “political, religious or personal slogans, messages or images” forbidden. A colorful heart with the inscription “One Love” is difficult to sort there. On the contrary, because further in rule 4 it is expressly stated that “Slogans/emblems of initiatives promoting football, respect and integrity” are allowed. Slogans are punishable if they “offensive, insulting, abusive, provocative, derisive or inflammatory” are. The Brazilian Raphael Claus is the referee for the first relevant game between England and Iran.

    World Cup rules: FIFA sets the bandages

    Another lever for FIFA are their own World Cup regulations – which are not within the reach of the referees and therefore cannot result in yellow cards. It states that FIFA generally provides the captain’s armbands and that they must be used. FIFA President Gianni Infantino pointed this out at his well-received press conference on Saturday: “We have clear rules for captain’s armbands – they are provided by FIFA.

    The World Cup regulations state that violations “to be dealt with by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee in accordance with the FIFA Disciplinary Code”. The Disciplinary Commission could impose many penalties on the captains, from a warning to a ban as the toughest sanction. A possible obstacle: Banning players like Virgil van Dijk, Harry Kane or Manuel Neuer because of wrong captain’s armbands would be difficult to justify in public.

    DFB & Co against FIFA – power struggle in full swing

    Just two days before the tournament, FIFA announced what the captain’s armbands they were providing should look like. “Football unites the world” is written on the FIFA armband at the start of the tournament, and other mottos such as #NoDiscrimination (“no discrimination”) are used as the tournament progresses. The multitude of mottos makes “One Love” look like one of many.

    The FIFA captain’s armband, which reads “Football Unites the World”

    So a power struggle is in full swing. And could even come to a head in the stadium before kick-off. The FIFA Equipment Regulations, which still exist, prohibit the wearing of equipment that is not approved by FIFA in any area of ​​the stadium. Officials of the world association could try to have the bandages handed out before the game. There are also organizational meetings the day before the game, in which the teams and FIFA clarify the playing attire and all items of equipment.

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