Alberto Fernandez did not want to change. He suggested various alternatives, and perhaps even at some point he came to consider them. But last time the move had worked out for him and, with the road entering a very narrow gorge, he did not want to change course on the fly. That’s why he decided to watch the decisive game of Argentina against Poland same as above, vs. Mexico, in which Lionel Scaloni’s Selection triumphed: only with Fabiola Yáñez, his wife, in the olive farm. And he warned his close collaborators not to go through the residence to share the ritual. pure cabal.

    But the most important sports competition on the planet is not the only thing that the President does not show signs of wanting to swerve. Regarding the final stretch of the year, and with next year’s elections around the corner, Fernandez still aspires to be located in the center of the dashboard front of all while he continues to resist the increasingly public attempts to call for some kind of agreement to define a course and, above all, candidacies. Will the best man win this match?

    Round trip. the chat with Cristina Kirchner it was long. It is still a paradox: the last two conversations that Alberto had had with her were when Martin Guzman he suddenly resigned from his position at the Ministry of Economy, and when he visited her the day after the failed assassination attempt against her. Until now, 2022 showed that those who shared the presidential ticket only contacted each other in an extreme situation. And the last episode confirmed this trend again: the vice president called the president after he broke down during his tour in Bali. It was a talk that not only touched on personal but also political issues.

    Fernández’s last ailment (An erosive gastritis, after a picture of hypertension and dizziness that assailed him in the middle of a conversation with the Spanish Pedro Sánchez) put the entire Government on alert. To the point that something much more unexpected than the vice president’s call happened: her son sent her a message and then they exchanged several more. With Máximo Kirchner, the president had not spoken since he resigned as head of the ruling bloc in Deputies, at the end of January. Since then, the President had charged the camporista leader with all the quarrels and frustrations that, for obvious reasons, he could not face so openly against the woman who gave him life, and he lashed out at him and his lack of commitment every chance he got. . However, neither in Kirchnerism nor near Alberto have too many expectations regarding a reconciliation: “The message was to send him strength, and they talked about health and general things, not much else.”

    Alberto returned to official activity with an appearance in Pilar, on Friday, November 25, and an act in La Plata in which he shared the stage with Axel Kicillof, on Monday the 28th. Until then, doubts about his health (on his return from the trip he had carried out a last check-up in which he was told to take different medications) were a topic that the entire ruling party followed. “He’s a big guy, he can’t go on a diet alone, he’s disheveled,” said one of his friends, in what was a widespread concern. From the presidential environment they tone down that repeated idea. “Alberto said that he had started it was the ‘Alberto diet’ because it was an idea of ​​his, that thing about ‘stopping eating’, but the diet he followed is ‘Keto’, which is very fashionable these days”, they say close yours.

    difficult match. “Sooner or later, politics is going to end up being ordered around Cristina,” risks one of the ruling party’s bishops. The man points to the last movements -including a call to Fernández- of the vice president: her last public acts, the dinner with the mayors -among whom was the Albertist Gabriel Katopodis- and a long series of political meetings with a lower profile, but among which stands out his reunion with Emilio Pérsico, from the Evita Movement, with whom they had shared an enmity that was about to last two decades. Although that was a talk of reconciliation, there was room for politics, and the piquetero took a definition that he later circulated: CFK declared itself in favor of not lifting the PASO.

    Although the statement -conveniently made to someone who is supposed to be on the other side of the official crack- may be motivated because the vice president understood that they do not give her the numbers or the times to change reality, the issue hides what may be today the great topic of debate within the Frente de Todos: who and how the candidacies of the ruling party for the Presidency are resolved. In June the lists close and, World Cup in between, time flies.

    The last conversation between Alberto and Cristina It was disseminated as a way to appease this spirit, but the issue remains central and difficult to resolve. “Political table for what? If Alberto already talks to everyone, governors, mayors, unionists, legislators”, they say, mischievously, close to the President, where they also emphasize that the president once again filled his agenda with meetings of political thread. The president wants to weigh in next year’s elections, that is the message they send on this side of the border.

    Kirchnerism, meanwhile, insists with the idea that the ball is in Alberto’s side, that they have already done everything they could do and that it is he who has to make the public call to put together an agreement with the partners of the ruling party. The latest idea has already been sent from all the terminals to the President, who is sometimes on the verge of irritation regarding this issue. “He’s done, I told him a hundred times, but he doesn’t want to know anything,” says one of his resigned laderos. In addition, the visit that they expected for these dates as a public endorsement on hot days, is delayed and may not arrive: the trip that Lula, already elected Brazilian president, had promised to make to Fernández before taking office, on January 1. From the neighboring country, Albertism did not receive any news again. And those that come from here are complex: Alexis Guerrera joined the list of ministers who leave his post, this time due to a health problem (see box).

    This being the case, the future is an unknown quantity that greatly worries the entire ruling party. The “that’s it, we’re going to lose” is a phrase that is beginning to be repeated with force among ministers and legislators, who are already beginning to look to the future with fear. In the meantime, it will be necessary to appease the spirits with the World Cup.

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