The week began with overflowing emotion, “due” to the insistence of Juan Carlos Unzuewhich, as has happened on other occasions with great sports figures afflicted with terrible illnesses (read, for example, magic johnson), has put fame at the service of a noble cause, not only to raise funds, but above all to make society aware.

    But it is already known that noble causes are there to honor them and so that, sooner or later, a documentary of overcoming and humanity will be released that will serve as an example to future generations. The match against ELA was a success and of course they won Unzuébut the announced duels remained in a propaganda spot to attend the party.

    Xavi Y Guardiola they embraced each other emotionally and so did Barça and City, and confirmed what we already knew, that football can be a claim for lofty ends and that football is only real football when you really play on the pitch, something more than social prestige. That is, when there are points in between, or when two teams like City or Barça meet in a tie.

    fight for survival

    We all knew that if chance (or that monstrosity of logarithms that has become the draw for the Champions League) brought about a new clash between the azulgranas and the blues, things would no longer be about palatial tidbits, but about a fierce fight for survival, which is what also teaches Unzué. He did not play City, but he did, indisputably, the group of death, with the slab of falling again in the group stage and with the recent memory of 2-8 in the midst of a pandemic. And with the curiosity, of course, to see how Lewandowski returns to the Allianz Arena.

    faces were not seen Haland and the Pole in the friendly match, but this season promises an all-out duel. We are still in August and it turns out that the two are already breaking all possible ceilings, with exhibitions in each match. To the heroic and sublime hat-trick (due to the comeback and the variety of goalscoring records) of the Norwegian, he responds Lewa with two goals that dialogue with history and promise magic against an unarmed Valladolid and without resources. At this rate they’re going to destroy stats. It will be, unquestionably, one of the attractions of the football year.

    Eye to the virulé

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    Meanwhile, another type of magic in the offices. It seemed that Barça had to transfer half a squad to be able to register Koundébut in the end (if we except the joke of Umtiti with Lecce), the numbers squared (abracadabra!) without further ado and the central defender made his debut, dressed as a side, and even saved a sung goal.

    In the box, two heavyweights contemplated the culé storm that came from the ends, the incessant rain of corners and opportunities and the confirmed rebirth of Barça. The eye to the virulé of laporta maybe it came from an unknown domestic accident. Or maybe it was a scuffle with the League to enroll the one with the braids without having to practice more juggling.