The municipality is diligently looking for a new building location for the Hooiweg-Zuid parade district

The municipality of Tynaarlo is stepping into the breach for the parade district Hooiweg-Zuid and is looking for a suitable building location. The parade district was recently told that they can no longer go to the airport in Eelde.

Groningen Airport Eelde needs the site as a parking lot. That the airport came up with the news a few weeks before the start of the construction of the floats (usually starting on April 1), part of Tynaarlo politics went down the wrong way.

For example, Marcel Elzerman (Leefbaar Tynaarlo) stated tonight that the airport “takes and takes, but gives nothing in return”. He also asked the municipality whether there are other options for Hooiweg-Zuid.

There are, says alderman Jurryt Vellinga (Leefbaar Tynaarlo). “We are already far with a location, but we do not yet have a final location. We hope – in consultation with the board of the parade – to reach a decision as soon as possible. Preferably at the beginning of April.”

The discussion surrounding the construction site of the corsowijk Hooiweg-Zuid tonight had direct consequences for the budget of Groningen Airport Eelde. The airport asks the municipality of Tynaarlo to donate 160,000 euros, so that there is no gap in the budget. Councilor Jan Smits (VVD) suggested that no objective decision could be taken tonight, because of the emotions that are currently playing around the parade district.

A majority of the city council agreed with Smits, so that the agenda item will not be discussed until a later council meeting.