Too many people flooded the stadium en masse during the match between Qatar and Holland.

    In the soccer World Cup match between Holland and Qatar, there was a remarkable commotion in the stands.

    Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet tells how a huge number of migrant workers were bussed to the Al-Bayt stadium to watch the match, but when they got there, not all of them were allowed to enter.

    When the match started, the stands were half empty, but after ten minutes of the game, thousands of people suddenly flooded the stadium. They had to stand on the stairs and corridors of the stand when there was no room to sit.

    The reason for the crowd was that the gates of the stadium had been opened for workers, when the small number of spectators became apparent. They were promised that they could watch the match for free.

    An Indian worker told Aftonbladet about his experience.

    – I came in during the first half, and went out to pray during the break. Now I can’t get in anymore because the stadium is full. There are too many people here. We were promised that we would get in, so everyone jumped on the bus, the man said.

    Many workers were angry about what happened and refused to leave. The orderlies had to force them out.