Tommaso Pobega, AC Milan footballer, talks about himself on “Homegrown”, a Milan TV format. Here is a small excerpt

    Thomas Pobega soccer player of Milanit is told to “Homegrown”, format of Milan TV. Here is a small excerpt. (FULL INTERVIEW)

    About Milanello and AC Milan: “It was a long, formative process. I arrived in 2014 when I was 14, I went to boarding school. I started at Vismara with the Giovanissimi Nazionale and did the whole journey as usual. The thing I noticed when I made the switch, that I changed as a person was in the last year of Primavera, when we had Gattuso for the first 3-4 months. I remember he was a switch for the first time we were treated as men and players, with the responsibility that this entails. He gave us more freedom but then the requests were higher and this made us responsible, it made us grow a lot. He was preparatory to what I went to do in the following years, to relate to a world of adults, with teammates who already had years of career ”. Milan transfer market – Who for the attack? A stroke would appear nuanced