Noora Hautakangas and Eero Ukkonen have expanded their business operations to Tampere.

    Noora Hautakangas and Eero Ukkonen are trying together. Juha Veli Jokinen

    2007 Miss Finland Noora Hautakangas and his fiance Eero Ukkonen are an indication of a couple with which both love and joint business activities are successful.

    The couple already opened a fourth Relove company, this time in Tampere’s Stocmann. Relove sells used clothes, has coffee and meals.

    The couple’s love was ignited by the barking of a dog.

    – I was in Hernesaari with my dog ​​Vallu and Eero was busy with his boat company in the harbor. The dog got excited to bark at the man, Noora says.

    Vallu acted as cupid in 2016, the engagement was bought in 2017. The couple’s chemistry, dreams and dynamics worked and together they went into business. In addition, Eero continues his boat business.

    – There are now about 90 employees on contracts of different lengths and the turnover has risen to four million. There is debt, but that is part of trying.

    – Our dream is to grow and we came to Tampere with joy, where I lived for a few years, Noora says and Eero as CEO nods in agreement.

    Eero fell in love with Miss Suomen’s right-footed will, directness and energy. Noora, on the other hand, was attracted by Eero’s joy, entrepreneurship and humor.

    – Haven’t gotten married yet, but are planning to. Noora dreams of a honeymoon to the Maldives, far away and hot.

    For Independence Day, the couple heads from their home in Espoo to Ostrobothnia to be supported by Noora’s family.

    Noora and Eero exude such joint determination and harmony that it bodes well for companies.

    – The sky’s the limit, you have to have dreams and it’s a pleasure to come to Tampere now at Stockmann’s premises Janne Katajan next to the toy store. I love Tampere, I know the dialect too, Noora laughs and Eero hums.

    The couple celebrated the opening with more than 100 invited guests cheering them on. The revelers from the capital region were brought to the place by bus.

    In the same dimensions

    Taru Valkeapää, 54, known from the popular Hugo television show, is not facing an age crisis.

    The ex-TV star, who received training in the field of nutrition and exercise, is a presenter and sports, and will soon lead an alpine trip for skiers James Bond – to the scenery of the Swiss Wegen movie. Hugo ran on television in 1993–94.

    Taru Valkeapää is still remembered as the host of the Hugo program. Juha Veli Jokinen

    – My sons are 11 and 16 years old, the older one is 187 centimeters tall and the shoe size is 45. It has been 10 years since the divorce and I am now in a happy relationship, but both have their own homes, says a happy Taru.

    – If a good format comes along, I’m ready for TV work, for example in the field of nutrition and exercise. I live as I teach, says Taru, who has remained almost in the dimensions of the 90s.

    – Almost, I’ve given birth to a couple of poor boys, Taru laughs.

    Taalasmaa’s daughter Elina aka Inna Tähkänen, who is currently in prison in Salkkarei, enjoyed the opening for a change without her husband Julius Martikais. – My husband is also an actor. We have been together for three years, we entered the altar in September, the newly married wife was beaming.
    Juha Veli Jokinen

    Joanna Kuvaja, who has hosted many fields and sports from sports to news topics, had a great time at the opening with Krisse Salminen. Krisse is satisfied with the reviews received from the Dear Children series, and Joanna promises a surprise for her TV work soon. – I will stay in the industry, but something new is coming, Joanna smiled. Juha Veli Jokinen

    Hurdle runner and sprinter Lotta Harala and speed fencer Reetta Hurske changed to free and planned to take the evening easy. – Everything is fine now, I am intact and the last days as a top athlete are ahead, Lotta said. Juha Veli Jokinen

    Aira Samulin, 95, spent a whole year celebrating her birthday, and another anniversary will soon arrive, when the 40th anniversary of Hyrsylä bend will be celebrated. At the opening in Tampere, Aira was accompanied by clothing designer Lalli Savolainen, who promised to design a “Hyrsylä dress” for Aira for her anniversary. Aira spends her Christmas in her home country, the trips abroad are already behind her.
    Juha Veli Jokinen

    Irina Isberg said that she is studying singing in Copenhagen and that she is also studying trotting sports. Juha Veli Jokinen