Rob Kemps and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk did not travel back to the Netherlands together after the recording of the second Chansons season. Producer Medialane confirms this in the weekly magazine Privé.

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    Matthijs van Nieuwkerk was exposed two weeks ago as a true broadcast executioner. He not only misbehaved behind the scenes of De Wereld Draait Door, but also last summer, during the recording of Chansons. After an outburst of anger on his part, an employee indicated that he felt he had been treated in a cross-border manner.

    Chansons incident

    The Chansons incident has already been confirmed by BNNVARA. The management of the broadcaster gave in de Volkskrant to ‘be aware of one incident’ and was told by producer Medialane ‘that this has been picked up and that a conversation has been held with those involved’. Matthijs himself denies: “That I would have made Paris unsafe? Do me a favor.”

    Weekblad Privé, which was the first to write about the unsafe work culture at DWDD in 2011, has latest edition receive more information about the Chansons incident. “It would have revolved around a sound man again.”

    Rob vs Matthijs

    Matthijs’s behavior towards this sound engineer would have irritated his co-presenter Rob Kemps. “It would not have benefited the relationship with Snollebolleke. So Matthijs got off his feet and this time, according to sources and unconfirmed reports, Rob Kemps would have been the one who intervened.”

    How? “Rob would have told his co-presenter that his behavior was not allowed. That would not have helped the atmosphere between the two, says an insider.

    Not in one car

    Another source states in Private that Matthijs and Rob did not return to the Netherlands together after this incident. This is confirmed by Iris van den Ende, the daughter of Joop van den Ende who holds sway at Medialane.

    However, Iris states that the reason for this is different: “It is true that they each went back with their own transport, but this was always the plan since Rob was about to become a father at the time and therefore had his own car.”


    So far Rob has been silent in the media about his TV buddy’s misconduct, but that won’t be long now. On December 7, he will be a guest in the ratings hit De Oranjewinter. There he will undoubtedly also be asked about the rumors that he was infected by Matthijs, because he suddenly also suffers from outbursts of anger.

    At Sterren op het Doek, it was concluded last weekend that the gentlemen are becoming more and more alike: