The loneliness of Borràs | By Joan Cañete Bayle

Laura Borras, suspended president of Parliament and leader of Junts, appeared at the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) in the first session of her trial alone, very alone. Her husband and her daughter accompanied her, but the loneliness that Borràs found herself with was not personal, but political. A handful of her supporters wanted to be with her in the bad trance of this trial for having allegedly helped a friend by splitting contracts when he directed the Institution of Catalan Letters, but they were few. The list of illustrious supports could be counted on the fingers of both hands. No one from the Government, no one from the ERC, no one from the CUP, no trace of the mobilizations or transversal solidarity, beyond party lines, that the independence movement used to generate when it came to denouncing the repression of the State. “Good morning, Vietnam” Borràs’ lawyer tweeted before the session, Gonzalo Boye. At the doors of the TSJC, someone threw fake 200 euro bills with the photo of Borràs.

For years, the independence movement rightfully used its strength in the streets to endorse its status as hegemonic force in Catalonia. For the same reason, Such meager popular support for a figure of Borràs’s political importance is news. In Parliament, the independence movement continues to be the majority, but its presence on the street has weakened. Very bad news for a movement with such a powerful activist soul.

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punctures assistance (the protest against the Franco-Spanish summit was not a stunning success either) are a logical consequence of the division between a more pragmatic, pro-independence movement, and another that follows installed in the “press, press” of President Torra. Before the TSJC, the few people gathered charged against the president of the Generalitat and TV-3, in the same way that on the day of the summit they booed Oriol Junqueras. Nothing that does not happen daily on the networks, the authentic agora of independence.

Meanwhile, Jordi Pujol presented a book, and comparing the list of those present in one place and the other is still a slightly perverse exercise. Seen in this way, we are not talking so much about the division of the independence movement as about the division in the galaxy of the old Convergence. If you can be pro-independence and at the same time work for the ‘peix al cove’, as ERC has decided to do, it is normal for a part of the famous convergent gene to revolt and try to assume this role, from the ‘consellers’ who did not want to abandon the Rule until Xavier Trias. The ‘procés’ has been a match crusher. Junts is getting a split face.