The Commercial Court number 2 of A Coruña has awarded a public auction The Galician Mail to Prensa Ibérica, understanding that its offer guarantees the continuity of the activity and the collection of debts from creditors. The sentence grants the header founded in 1878 to the group that already publishes Faro de Vigo in Galicia and The Opinion of A Coruña.

    The Galician Mailbased in Santiago de Compostela and historical reference of information in the autonomous community, entered the voluntary bankruptcy of creditors in the liquidation phase last June. The judge in charge of the bankruptcy process then ordered a public bid for the sale of its assets, which has finally awarded the production unit to Prensa Ibérica.

    The Galician Mail it is the newspaper par excellence of the Galician capital and accredits a clear vocation for service and commitment to Galicia.

    Prensa Ibérica, leader in regional and local information in Spain, currently has 25 print and digital newspapers in Spain as a whole, in addition to many others. Chronicles local, and various magazines. The newspaper, The Newspaper of Spain, lift-EMV, The New Spain, Information Y The province are some of the heads of the group.

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    With 1.7 million readers in the press and magazines (EGM) and more than 250,000 copies (OJD), Prensa Ibérica is the leader in audience and dissemination in various regions and has a growing position in digital media.

    On the Internet, his publications reach 27 million unique visitors and 620 million page views per month, which makes it the first Spanish group in the Comscore category of News&Information.