A quarter of the Dutch people suffer from World Cup shame, according to an opinion poll by EenVandaag.

    Where the Orange fever normally runs high on the eve of a major football tournament, everything is different now. There is no question of World Cup madness (yet): only 14 percent say that the tournament lives with them.

    The Orange Legion is also much smaller than usual in Qatar and lacks the summer feeling: bustling squares with TV screens, crowded terraces and dancing in fountains.

    The Orange Legion is also much smaller than usual in Qatar. Some of them are Formula 1 fans who have booked a hotel in nearby Abu Dhabi, where the last race of the season takes place at the weekend. But when Max Verstappen grabbed the world title there in spectacular fashion last year, there was no critical sound. Although in Abu Dhabi, just like in Qatar, many migrant workers are exploited.

    Do you also watch the matches with an uncomfortable feeling? Or have you already completed all your leave forms for the Orange matches?

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