Flickering LED candles, richly hung Christmas trees in shades of pink and green and singing penguins: the first Christmas show in Zoetermeer opens on Saturday 1 October.

    Every year the Christmas show starts at De Driesprong garden center in the first weekend of October. Many Zoetermeer residents are eagerly looking forward to it, because it is time for warmth, cosiness and atmosphere at home.

    A world to dream of

    The theme of the Christmas show of garden center De Driesprong is ‘A world to dream of’. This theme fits in with the times in which we now live,” explains Albert van der Velden. “We hear a lot of misery in the news, so people want to have a good time at home. We jump in on that.”

    The colors pink, traditional red and green, but also modern gray and silver tones can be seen on the Christmas show during a guided tour. This year the artificial trees are in the lighting department: “We have purchased a large stock of LED lighting. We even have LED dinner candles, which are all the rage right now.”

    Five weeks non-stop at work

    The build-up of the annual Christmas show takes five weeks. Immediately after the summer holidays, a team of about twenty employees continues to work non-stop. “We are busy every day until 10 p.m. to be ready in time for the opening,” continues Albert. “Saturday morning we cut the ribbon and the show can begin. In the evening we celebrate with all employees that the Christmas season has started again.”

    Check out a sneak peek of the Christmas show below and on the following pages:

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