Children learn times tables with songs in the classroom

    Teacher Wouter is the brain behind the songs. “I soon noticed at the tables that there were some problems in the fourth grade. I’m also a musician and I thought: ‘I’ll make it a song and I’ll test it in class’. That worked, then I got a full album,” says Wouter Spaen.

    Each in a different style

    In the end Wouter makes ten songs, one for each multiplication table, each time in a different style, from dance to hip-hop to reggae.

    The songs on the album ‘Maal je mee’ were sung by two well-known West Flemings: actors Maaike Cafmeyer and Mathias Sercu, both featured in the Chantal op Eén series. “I had sung it myself, but I have a West Flemish accent. If I want to turn it into a Flemish product, it has to have a dignified voice.”

    The students can already taste this way of learning. In addition to the ten songs, there is also a booklet, cards and a memory game to master the tables. All information about this educational project can be found on the website.