08/10/2022 at 00:29


    The CSD board of directors washes its hands and urges the different federations to agree

    In reference to the number of non-EU players allowed in women’s competitions

    The CSD Board of Directors has resolved this Tuesday, August 9, 2022 that the determination of the number of non-EU foreign players authorized to participate in official professional events or competitions at the state level, will be carried out by mutual agreement between the Spanish Sports Federation, the Professional League and the majority association of professional athletes. Thus, the different organizations involved must agree among themselves to find a win-win solution.

    Today was postulated as the date where it would be known how many non-EU players could participate in professional women’s soccer competitions. Well, the Sports Commission of the Higher Sports Councilbody that regulates and authorizes the statutes and regulations of the Spanish sports federations; of the professional leagues and of the clubs, has decided not to take a leading role in the matter and urges these three organizations to agree on an issue that is of the utmost importance in the teams to know how many non-EU players they can have in their team and register in their competitions with as long as they are not sanctioned with expulsion from said competition or other infractions.

    Last November 21, 2021 was born football, the new women’s soccer union. In it, they fight for “the well-being of the players” and headed by Amanda Gutierrez, a lawyer specialized in labor law and women’s sports law, won the last union elections to be the representatives of the players. This union seeks to improve the salaries of the players and deal with a somewhat burning issue such as the maternity of the players, and their rights.

    In view of the start of a new season 2022/23with women’s football on the rise and with more and more following, one of the issues that remained to be resolved was the number of non-EU players allowed in each team and competition. The leaguecalled a meeting last July 22, but footballthe representative union of the soccer players, decided not to attend because “it is not within the established legal framework”, since the parties summoned for that meeting are not the ones specified in the Royal Decree. For that, football decided to wait for the decision of the CDSbut it seems to have been unsuccessful.

    So, we will have to wait to see what decision is made by the Federationthe League and the Association of Professional Athletes about this issue, with just over a month to go before the national competition begins (September 10 and 11).