The death of Ronnie Peterson in Monza in 1978

The Swedish rider died in the hospital after the accident at the start of the 1978 GP. An appointment with fate that still today causes discussion for the dynamics of the impact and subsequent treatment. But everyone agrees: Peterson has entered the Olympus of unforgettable F1 drivers

The Viking was not born to be a supporting actor. That’s why that day, like every other day, the strongest and most coveted car was still tight for him. This also explains his lack of patience and less meticulous than others in contributing to the development of the single-seater. He was interested in learning as soon as possible what the limit of the car was in order to take it one step or one lap beyond that limit. Enzo Ferrari would have liked him for this. In fact, the Old Man had thought of him, the ideal interpreter of the mantra according to which the perfect car is the one that breaks down immediately after crossing the finish line.