The Christmas Show is one of the Italian Christmas films 2022 that arrives at the cinema in advance of the holidays, hoping to collect as much cash as possible. In the center Raoul Bova and Serena Autieriin love between pain, little happiness, Christmasdreams still possible, the reality televisionrelationships with children and the past.

    The attempt is to look at American comedy alla Garry Marshallat the Love Actually and to Mom I missed the plane, for the comic reverberations that creep here and there behind the scenes of the reality show and behind some characters. There are also the love feelings of the two protagonists, and not only that, and the most painful ones.

    Oh yeah. Why The Christmas Show also face the mourning process and how life in the darkest moments can hold surprises. The film is far from overseas comedies: we have to settle for breathe a little lightlywhich is always good these days.

    Raoul Bova, Serena Autieri, Tullio Solenghi, Ornella Muti, Francesco Pannofino. (Press office)

    The Christmas Show: the plot

    Sofia (Serena Autieri) was left alone with the children Ricky (Giulio Nunziante Cesaro) e Alice (Alice Andrea Ferrari) after her husband’s death in a plane crash. For five years she has led a life between the clinic where she works as a primary care physician and the house, on which there is a mortgage. For a long time the Christmas has become a big problem for the Rovati family: it is forbidden to celebrate it. Perhaps, however, there is an air of change in that house. For December 24th and 25th, Alice had the idea of ​​registering her family for the reality show The Christmas Show.

    That house with the lights off will finally light up, and the light will also peek into the heart of that family that has remained in the dark for too long. In those two days it comes alive with people. In fact, they participate in the reality show Nonna Rita (Ornella Muti) and the grumpy and intellectual grandfather Angelo (Tullio Solenghi), Oscars (Francesco Pannofino), Sofia’s boss on whom he has a crush and has an evil plan in store, and Pierre (Bova), the neighbor fascinating And mysteriousa writer closed in on himself who for the past five years has done nothing but observe the movements of Sofia. The reality show will bring a breath of fresh air and will change the lives of all the participants.

    In The Christmas Show romance and comedy

    The romantic line is held up by the characters of Sofia and Pierrein the middle is the third wheel, the rich and disreputable Oscars. There is also the heart of the teenager Alice who beats for a classmate, she who delights in writing and singing love songs together with her friend Edo (Nicolo Bertonelli), completely lost by Alice. In short, the love plots of the film will slowly develop. The small ricky, who often takes refuge in the closet where all the memories of his father are accumulated, will do everything to prevent Oscar from grabbing the victory of the reality show (and the 300,000 euros) and his mother.

    Raul Bova. (Press office)

    The comic line is held up by Oscars with his asphalt hairby his accomplices, from the lobster who wanders around the house on Christmas Eve and escapes from Rita’s hands to avoid ending up in boiling spaghetti water. There are also side characters who work in the backstage of the reality show trying to get some laughs from the spectators.

    Ornella Muti and Francesco Pannofino. (Press office)

    Bova in 2023 between Don Matteo and Greta Thunberg

    Raoul Bova had been missing from the cinema for some timebecause of Covid. “At that time cinema was in trouble and there weren’t many producers who had the courage to take risks – says the actor – I hadn’t been in cinema for several years and I wanted to come back with a light comedy and a character that must be open to life. Together with Sofia they will be able to rediscover feelings ».

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    In 2023 Bova will return to the set of Don Matteo after last season’s farewell Terence Hill to the most beloved priest on TV. A Bova ea Don Massimo will have to take over the reins of fiction. In addition, the actor will also star in the environmental film Greta and true fairy tales what does it have to do with Greta ThunbergChristmas and nature.