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    The forward was the author of the only goal for Spain against Japan

    “We must continue to trust us,” Morata asked

    Álvaro Morata opened the scoring very soon and everything seemed on track to experience a triumphant pass for the Spanish team as first in the group to the round of 16. But the World Cup is unpredictable and Spain ended up suffering and, in fact, at times was eliminated from the appointment in Qatar during the second half.

    “It’s football, the truth has been incredible. The important thing is that we are in the next phase, we have to think about that and also analyze the game”, assured the forward, who is clear that “in almost all the World Cups that I remember having seen All the teams have gone through difficult times, we have to get through them. And continue to trust us”. And it is that, despite everything, “we are in the round of 16, that is the important thing. Other teams would sign it. From tomorrow we will put our heads in the round of 16 and that this does not happen again because you are going home“.

    Morata analyzed after the match that “everything is seen very quickly on the field, it was five minutes in which they scored two goals against us. We’ll see it on video and draw conclusions. Now it’s difficult.” About the three minutes in which they were out, he commented that “football is like that, you don’t have to think about it anymore, the important thing is that we are in the round of 16”. Of Morocco he said that “he is a very tough opponent, but we are going to give it our all”.