“That elderly person is very pathetic!”

Youp van ‘t Hek (69) is once again hitting his TV colleague Maarten van Rossem (80) hard. He calls him a ‘camera-addicted elderly person’. “It is pathetic. Very sad.”

© Roy Beusker, RTL

Will Maarten van Rossem now regret entering into a TV collaboration with Emma Wortelboer? It is unbelievable how much criticism he receives about his duo with the presenter, who is known as somewhat infantile. Should someone with such a track record make such superficial entertainment?


Emma and Maarten make this program under the flag of BNNVARA, but in the clubhouse, the VARA guide, they are now being severely criticized by Youp van ‘t Hek. “The camera-addicted elderly person was wandering around with a young thing, who also needs a lot of attention due to a failed television program, and an oppressive kind of pity grabbed me by the throat.”

The comedian says he feels ‘sorry for both of them’. The idea behind their program Wortelboer and Van Rossem is that they differ by more than fifty years and that should reveal interesting generational differences. In the show they talk extensively about, among other things, the use of contraceptives then and now. Somewhat embarrassing.

‘Very sad’

Not feasible, Youp thinks. “I especially looked at the camera-addicted elderly person, who was once a professor, and wondered who his advisors are. Is there any woman left who wishes him luck as he goes off on this nonsense? How does the network manager view these moving images? Who the hell is this program made for?”

Maarten’s typical hum doesn’t save the day at all, Youp thinks. “It didn’t become cynical either. At home on our couch. There were ruthless words that I am not going to repeat. But a tip to Emma and Maarten: don’t do it again. It’s pathetic. Very sad.”