Vivienne van den Assem was very disappointed by the proposal from LINDA magazine. to fly to Curacao for a few photos. She did it anyway, with fresh reluctance.

    © Nick van Ormondt

    The Linda de Mol magazine LINDA. is on the decline, but the ladies in the editorial are throwing money. Vivienne van den Assem flew to Curaçao for the latest edition. For an extensive, six-page report about the island? Or interviews with interesting residents? Well, no, for some spicy pictures of Vivienne herself.

    Sunny photo session

    Apparently Vivienne wants to get rid of her bloody boring image, because she poses on the beach as if she has opened an OnlyFans page just like Ferry Doedens. There is also a short interview with the photo report. And that, as we know Vivienne, is about nothing at all.

    At one point, she even complains about the long plane journey for her photo shoot. “After the corona years at home, I forgot why the hell you get on a plane for a ten-hour flight. Why do I leave my husband and child behind for a photo shoot, for my own fun?”

    Tropical heat

    Well, she soon forgot about that husband and children when she was paid by the LINDA. got off the plane. “With that first step and the tropical warmth I felt – wow, I immediately remembered it. I love traveling and the change of scenery. Then I feel that I am alive.”

    Ah, Vivienne finally feels alive when she gets off the plane. Hopefully her husband doesn’t read the interview. “By the way, I didn’t travel all alone, because I’m pregnant again. That made it an extra special experience.”

    Sliding scale

    Putting the most boring presenter in the country on a plane to Curaçao with a whole team for a few photos. And then editor-in-chief Karin Swerink is lamenting in the ad formation that there is really nothing that can be cut in the LINDA, which is struggling with declining circulation figures.

    Karin: “We really don’t spend tons of money. But we really need the money. For good journalists, good photographers. Good locations. It can’t be done for a lot less. If you start cutting back now, you really end up on a sliding scale.”

    Climate fighter Linda

    But Linda de Mol is now a real climate fighter, right? She thinks that ‘air trips to Prague for 39 euros will no longer be possible due to the climate’, but what does Vivienne do on the other side of the world for some pictures on the beach? Can’t Vivienne look naughty into the camera on Vlieland?

    One thing is certain: Linda and her friends are no longer welcome on Bonaire. “People who only come for beer and pina coladas? Or celebrities who only come for the pictures on Instagram? They should rather stay away,” said Miles Mercera, the director of the Tourism Corporation Bonaire, recently in De Telegraaf.

    You really don’t miss anything.


    Vivienne in the LINDA.: