Telstar deservedly lost tonight, but also flattered 3-0 against Heracles Almelo. The team of coach Mike Snoei played a very strong first half without using the opportunities. Özgür Aktas watched from the defense as the attackers destroyed several great opportunities. “We know we have to score more.”

    Telstar defender Özgür Aktas: “We lack scoring” – NH Sport

    Despite the three goals against, the 27-year-old mandekker played a hell of a game. Aktas was tasked with taking out striker Samuel Armenteros and did so with gusto. “In the end we all do that together. We were well compact and in a block. Then it becomes easier for us. As a team we did well and as an individual you play better,” said Aktas about eliminating the two-time player. international of Sweden.

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    Telstar defender Özgür Aktas pulled Samuel Armenteros out of the game – NH Sport

    Strong first half

    Telstar trainer Mike Snoei was disappointed that his team could not take advantage. “If you make the 1-0, then they have to do something else. Now we are behind again and then we have to force. That is a shame.”

    Mike Snoei saw Telstar again having trouble scoring – NH Sport

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