Suzan & Freek affected by blackout at Jinek: ‘Today!’

Suzan Stortelder, known from the musical duo Suzan & Freek, was hit by a blackout in Eva Jinek’s talk show last night. “This is what a brain freeze looks like!”


Suzan & Freek have a new cheerful summer single and to promote it they sat at the table with Eva Jinek last night. The enthusiast was also treated to some pieces from their other hits, including Goud. When they sit on stage to sing the chorus of it, things go completely wrong for a while.

“Don’t remember!”

While the first notes sound and Freek is about to start singing, Suzan sits stiffly on her stool. Freek breaks down to save his girlfriend. “We are looking at each other like: what are we going to do?!”

Suzan can laugh about it, to which Eva Jinek screams: “Today, guys!”

Then Suzan & Freek chat a bit. “Gold,” he says to her.

Suzan: “Yes, I don’t know how to start.”

Freek: “The chorus of Goud.”


Suzan looks at Freek as if she sees water burning. Freek then: “But we were gold anyway…”

She again: “Yes, I know! But I do not know…”

Then Freek decides to just start. “1, 2, 3, 4. But we were gold, tell me: what if I can never forget you?”

Susan comes along. Freek laughing during the song: “This is what a brain-freeze looks like!”

They continue: “Now all of a sudden you’re gone but it doesn’t really feel like I can do this yet…”

‘So exciting!’

When Eva later sends the couple to the stage again, she teases them: “At the risk of another brain freeze, I want to send you to the stage again.”

Susan: “Fine! Sometimes I just find it so exciting and then I suddenly have to start and then I sit there and then I think: who am I, where am I, how old am I and what day is it?! haha.”

Eva: “We all have that sometimes. I already told you: I always have a cheat sheet here, so that makes a difference.”


Suzan’s reaction including the fragment: