Suspects ‘Clean Hands’ want to buy off prosecution

    The deal was discussed today in the Antwerp courthouse. Ten of the nearly sixty suspects want to buy off their trial with an amicable settlement with the federal prosecutor’s office.

    “One can take an option to invoke the surrender law. When that happens, an agreement is made with the Public Prosecution Service for the payment of a certain amount of money,” says lawyer Jan Swennen. According to the lawyer, the payment is not equivalent to an admission of guilt.

    Fraud and forgery

    Among the ten suspects are Bart Verhaeghe and Vincent Mannaert, chairman and general manager of Club Brugge, and also Matthias Leterme, general manager at KV Kortrijk.

    Also Michel Louagie of AA Gent and some former drivers of Racing Genk. They want to pay not to have to appear in court. It is not clear how much they pay.

    The ten are suspected of facts such as fraud and forgery. The deals have been signed, but the judge still has to approve them. That will possibly happen on December 22.