An 18-year-old man from Bladel will remain detained for at least two weeks for his possible involvement in a fatal stabbing last Saturday in his hometown. The court in Den Bosch decided this on Wednesday. It is not yet clear what the Public Prosecution Service will charge the suspect with. The fatal victim is also 18 and also lived in Bladel.

    The man was found seriously injured in the driveway of a house on Van Dissellaan in Bladel on Saturday afternoon. Emergency services could no longer do anything for him, the victim died at the place where he was found.

    Suspect quickly in the picture
    The police soon realized who might have had a part in the stabbing. This 18-year-old man was arrested Saturday night at home.

    The two boys had been known to the police and the judiciary for some time. They also knew each other. They had been at odds with each other before. The victim was sentenced a year ago for threatening the man who is now detained with a gun.

    He also abused his peer by kicking and hitting him. All this was filmed by him. This happened at the end of October 2021 at the Van de Lindenstraat in Hapert, which falls under the municipality of Bladel.

    The juvenile court in Den Bosch imposed a community service order of 80 hours and 42 days in juvenile detention on him in January last year. He would wait another 58 days in a juvenile detention center if he went wrong again.

    In 2020, he had already been convicted twice by the juvenile court: for an open act of violence and an attempted aggravated assault.

    Violent home robbery
    The juvenile judge’s fears came true: at the end of January last year, he and a fellow villager committed a violent home robbery in Bladel. He had just gotten rid of an ankle bracelet at the time.

    The judge sentenced him to 67 days in prison and another 158 days with a two-year probationary period to prevent him from committing criminal offenses again. It was also decided at that time that electronic supervision would continue for at least another six months.

    ‘Family wants peace’
    Lawyer Monique Hendriks-van Kollenburg, who represented the victim in the most recent lawsuit, does not want to comment on the judge’s ruling or on why his client wore an ankle bracelet. “The family just wants peace now,” said the councilwoman.

    The suspect also wore an ankle bracelet, why is unclear. The Public Prosecution Service says that no statements will be made about this during the investigation. The suspect’s attorney could not be reached for comment.