• Strategic Vision surveys 200,000 new car owners in the US
    • Apple as a potential car brand more popular than Tesla
    • Established car manufacturers must be prepared for stiff competition

    According to its own statements, the international consulting firm Strategic Vision has been surveying 200,000 new car owners in the USA every year for almost 30 years, whether they would consider buying a certain car brand and how they feel about the quality of the car manufacturer. The list of car brands includes more than 45 names, including some that are not even available in the US. This year, for the first time, the Apple iGroup was included in the list as a potential car brand, which led to a surprising result of the survey.

    Apple very popular as a potential car brand

    The tech group, led by Tim Cook, made it to third place in the “Brand Consideration” category with 26 percent. Outperformed only by Toyota (38 percent) and Honda (32 percent). After Apple, the tech pioneer Tesla followed with 20 percent. But that’s not all. With regard to the quality of the brand, the iGroup even achieved first place with 24 percent. Toyota with 15 and Honda with 13 percent followed in second and third place. Tesla, Lexus, BMW and Porsche shared fourth place with 11 percent each.

    Established automakers should dress warmly

    According to Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards, this result should give established carmakers pause. It shows that consumers love Apple “more than any other car company, even twice as much as powerful brands like Honda, Toyota and Tesla,” Edwards said in a press release. More than 50 percent of Tesla owners said they were “definitely” considering a future Apple vehicle.

    So, as Strategic Vision senior vice president Christopher Chaney says, other automakers should now prepare themselves warmly and take steps to fend off potential competition: “If others don’t prepare now for this type of disruption, they might be left with the question ‘What happened?’ similar to what happened when Tesla entered the market.”

    So far no precise information about Apple Car

    To date, it is uncertain what an Apple Car should actually look like. The tech group is extremely cautious about the project. At the last WWDC developer conference, however, the iGroup announced that it would completely revise its CarPlay car interface. This is already supported by some established car manufacturers and allows users to connect their iPhone to the vehicle. Bloomberg’s tech reporter Mark Gurman sees the revision as a kind of advertisement for Apple’s own car, which is rumored to be in development. In a Bloomberg article, he also assumes that Apple is planning to build an autonomous electric vehicle that could be launched around 2025.

    In addition to Apple’s good rating, Chaney points out that 34 percent of those surveyed said they did not know enough about a possible vehicle from the smartphone manufacturer to be able to consider it: “The good news for current car brands is there “Apple’s fate is not yet decided. Designing future strategies and building cars on the basis of ‘true innovation’ involves rich and influential impressions, a mix of art and science. Highly motivating qualities that each one possesses connected to the customer’s values ​​and feelings keep a potential Apple car on a relatively level playing field.” Ultimately, the senior vice president said, each vehicle manufacturer would largely control its own destiny.

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