MOSCOW (dpa-AFX) – Despite the partial mobilization, Russia continues to view the war against Ukraine as a “special military operation”. The convocation of 300,000 recruits will not change that, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in Moscow on Thursday. president Wladimir Putin had ordered partial mobilization the day before in order to get more soldiers for deployment in the Ukraine.

    Above all, men whose military service was not long ago are to be drawn. The question of up to what age is called up is within the competence of the Defense Ministry, Peskov said, according to Russian agencies.

    Even if it is officially only a partial mobilization, the step has caused unrest among the Russian population. There are reservists in almost every family. Peskow dismissed the report, exaggerating reports that able-bodied men were rushing for plane tickets to Turkey and other countries.

    The Kremlin spokesman said it was legally permissible to hand over a draft notice to those arrested. More than 1,300 protesters were arrested on Wednesday during protests against the war and against mobilization. According to civil rights activists, some of them were forced to be summoned to the police force. The civil rights portal OVD-Info advised to lodge a protest against this type of delivery.

    Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine on February 24./fko/DP/zb