During November the climate of social unrest is sustained, with inflation as the main citizen problem. At the electoral level, Together for Change remains the force with the most votes, but the Frente de Todos registers a slight growth.

    JxC appears as the potentially most voted force (36%), while the FdT (29%) has risen 4 percentage points in electoral intention in the last month. Libertarians rank third (16%). Cristina Kirchner is the individual candidate with the most votes (19%) followed by Javier Milei (17%) and Rodríguez Larreta (13%).

    The 3 leaders with the best image are opponents: Patricia Bullrich (52% positive), Martín Lousteau (51%) and Horacio Rodríguez larreta Larreta (50%). Lousteau is the leader with the best differential between positive and negative image.

    Sergio Massa appears as the most valued FdT leader (31% positive): the main FdT referents have a negative image level of around 70%.

    Although it is decreasing, inflation remains the main reason for public concern (41%). FdT voters are more concerned than JxC voters about the inflationary phenomenon (57% and 37%, respectively).

    And the pessimism about the personal economic situation in the future interrupts the growth trend of the last two months and subsides. In any case, a large majority believe that their situation will worsen in the short term (56%). Six out of every 10 respondents blame the government for the economic crisis and a third blame the opposition.

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