With the news that the human remains found in Hoorn are indeed from Sumanta Bansi, all uncertainty comes to an end. At the site, on the Hoorn 80 business park, a few laid flowers on Thursday evening. “Hopefully it will bring some peace.”

    Denise and Demy at the Sumanta site – NH Nieuws / Michiel Baas

    Apart from rustling leaves and a flock of birds flying over, it is quiet on the Neutronweg. The sun is desperately trying to find its way through the gray cloud mass on the abandoned industrial estate. Cows watch speechless on the other side of the water.

    At the place where body remains belonging to Sumanta were found last Tuesday, there is a single bunch of flowers, deposited by the police, among others.

    Enforcers from the municipality of Hoorn will be present with three people tonight to manage any crowds in the right direction. It won’t come to that.

    Mirjam is the one who does come to Hoorn 80. She just bought a bunch of roses. Pink, to be exact. “I didn’t know Sumanta at all, but I think this is such a moving story. It keeps you busy, constantly follows the news. And you start thinking: will she ever be found again? For the family I am somewhere ‘happy’ that she has now been found. Hopefully it will bring some peace. Flowers seemed beautiful to me. Think of it as a small tribute.”

    Mirjam has laid out pink roses – NH Nieuws / Michiel Baas

    And then, almost out of nowhere, a beautiful rainbow appears. And a scooter with Denise (18) and Demy (24), from Hoorn on it. They also closely followed the missing persons case. “My father worked with the perpetrator (Manodj B., ed.). They were both truck drivers for the same company. I think that’s a very strange idea. At first he was not allowed to tell anything about it, but later he was allowed to. ‘What a madman’ , he sometimes said. I called him as soon as the news became known. ‘She has been found!’, I said.”

    They wanted to ‘come and have a look’ at the place where it remains quiet. “We always hoped that she would be found. Fortunately, that has now happened, as bad as it is. She can now go home.”

    Flowers at the site – NH Nieuws / Michiel Baas

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