Stronger than fate, plot and cast of the Italian costume series

T.kings women, a fire and three broken lives. It starts from here Stronger than fatethe new costume series directed by Alexis Sweet kicks off tonight Wednesday 9 March on Canale 5 in the early evening, at 21.21. The second episode will air on Friday 11 March.

Taken from The Bazar de la Charitéseries distributed by Netflix with the title Fates on fireand based on real events, it counts in cast a large group of actors, among which the protagonists stand out Giulia Bevilacqua, Laura Chiatti and Dharma Eats Woodswith the participation of an always pleasant Loretta Goggi.

Stronger than fate: the plot

Set in Palermo in 1897, Stronger than fate starts from Exhibition on new technologiesin which all the technological discoveries of the new century are presented, including the Cinema. An event that throws the high society of the Sicilian capital into turmoil. During the evening, however, something is wrong.

In the pavilion where the exhibition is held it flares up a fire which, in just over half an hour, destroys the building and it causes several victims, almost all of them women. Furthermore, the flames cause important consequences for the survivors.

The stake distorts the lives of Arianna, Costanza and Rosaliarespectively interpreted by Giulia Bevilacqua, Dharma Mangia Woods and Laura Chiatti. Who recover enough courage from the tragedy to find a domestic justice. Not only hope but a truly different life, in a society in which – as Arianna claims – “women always have the worst“.

They are also present at the exhibition Margherita Pizza (Francesca Valtorta), daughter of Donna Elvira (Loretta Goggi) visiting Palermo with her son Tommaso who is entrusted to the custody of Rosalia. Outside a group of anarchists, led by the young man Free (Leonardo Pazzagli) demonstrates against the system.

From right to left, Giulia Bevilacqua (Arianna di Villalba), Dharma Mangia Woods (Costanza Di Giusto) and Laura Chiatti (Rosalia Catalano). (Mediaset)

A story of women’s emancipation

Stronger than fate it’s a costume series set in the late 19th century, but it’s far from a sequence of stylish interiors and good manners – it’s one history of women’s emancipation. Arianna, Costanza and Rosalia want to emancipate themselves, they want to be independent and no longer subjected to a male chauvinist and patriarchal society.

Their goal is to disengage from the handful of rules already written, decided by someone else in their place. They desperately seek their own fulfillment, in a context in which they are left on the sidelines. I’m three feminist women ante litteram, who are trying to assert themselves at a time when women do not have the right to express their opinion. They want to be happy and to succeed, they will put their life on the line, even at the risk of paying a very high price.

stronger than fate fictional cast plot

Alessia Giuliani (Matilde Di Giusto), Dharma Mangia Woods (Costanza Di Giusto), Paolo Sassanelli (Augustus of Giusto, Count of Siculiana). (Mediaset)

Stronger than fate: the cast

Giulia Bevilacqua interprets Arianna di Villalba, wife of Duke Gulgielmo Di Villalba (Thomas Trabacchi), a powerful Palermo politician. Arianna is a woman in sight in the Palermo society, strong, determined. In private, however, marriage is anything but rosy.

The Duke of Villalba is indeed a violent man both physically and psychologically, and for the woman the stake represents the only escape route to save herself. “I can no longer live with that monster,” she says immediately after the devastation, “instead if he believes me dead in the fire everything will change“. She decides, therefore, to pretend to be dead to escape the clutches of the man who does not consider her worthy of love and respect. “Arianna is a woman capable of very powerful gestures, who architects a diabolical plan”, told the actress to very true.

Dharma Eats Woods instead interprets the Countess Costanza Di Giusto, niece of Arianna. She belongs to the Palermo aristocracy and is about to marry the scion Antonio (Teodoro Giambanco). When, however, he realizes that the man he must marry is a coward, his nonconformist spirit gets the better of him, and starts his personal battle.

Finally Laura Chiatti And Rosalia Catalano, the lady-in-waiting as well as guardian angel of Constance. Married to Giuseppe (Giovanni Anzaldo), she dreams of a better life in America. Among the three of her, she is the one who suffers the most from the physical consequences of the fire. The flames disfigure it forever and fate continues to be against her. His life intersects with that of Donna Elvira (Loretta Goggi), who adopts her and forces her to take the form of her daughter, who died in the fire.

stronger than fate cast plot

Thomas Trabacchi (William of San Martino, Duke of Villalba).

The magical presence of Loretta Goggi

I play the role of Donna Elvira, Marquise of BuonvicinoLoretta is an aristocratic algid willing to lie to her nephew and to anyone, in order not to accept the death of her daughter Margherita, played by Francesca Valtorta.

Immediately, the relationship with Rosalia will not be idyllic, but who knows that there will be no developments in the course of the episodes. Regarding the differences between women today and those told in Stronger than fateGoggi said: «I don’t think there are big differences. The difference is in using intelligence, in having character, in being able to establish itself in the world that was then very male chauvinist. Even today things have not changed that much. So it is the woman’s intelligence and ability to give the impression of not deciding anything and, instead, deciding everything “.

Loretta Goggi (Donna Elvira, Marchioness of Buonvicino). (Mediaset)

The other actors in the cast

Leonardo Pazzagli he is Libero, a young anarchist who fights against the injustices of a society that favors the rich and the powerful. On the occasion of the exhibition, together with his companions protest against working conditions, the starvation wages and the exploitation of the poor people who hide behind the celebration. Because of the very powerful he fights, he is pointed out as the number one enemy of Palermo and will have to defend himself from an inexorable and merciless fate.

Stefano Rossi Giordani (Saverio Mancuso). (Mediaset)

Sergio Rubini is the policeman Pietro Lucchesi, who keeps a secret concerning Libero. Paolo Sassanelli he plays Augusto, Costanza’s father, as well as the first man to bring the projector to Sicily. William of San MartinoDuke of Villalba has instead the face of Thomas Trabacchi: a powerful and fearsome man who considers his wife Arianna an object of his property. Always on alert, he shows himself capable of any violent and repressive gesture.

Francesca Valtorta plays Margherita, the daughter of Donna Elvira, married for a few years to the perfidious Ferdinando. Whenever she sees him leave for his long “pleasure” trips, she breathes a sigh of relief. The only joy for her is love for the little one Thomas. Then there are Alessia Giulianiwho in the role of Matilde – mother of Costanza – carves out the part of a woman who was lucky enough to marry the man she loved; Stefano Rossi Giordani in the role of the journalist of The Collection; Teodoro Giambanco (Antonio, betrothed to Costanza); the coachman of the Di Giusto family, Joseph (Giovanni Anzaldo) and Davide Paganini, the terrible Ferdinando, husband of Margherita.